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Creative Set up might be focusing on Alien: Isolation 2, if your new rumor in the Official Ps Magazine will be believed.

Alien: Isolation had its great amount of supporters following its release in 2014, with lots of praising developers Creative Set up for his or her persistence for the origin material and also the game’s authentic survival horror scares. Now it appears that the follow up might be coming, using its creators apparently heading into the studio to operate on the follow-up.

The rumor, printed in next month’s OPM (via PlayStation World), reads: ”Our sources inform us that whenever jobs are finished on Halo Wars 2, a brand new Alien game may begin development at Alien Isolation dev Creative Set up.”

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Though this isn’t confirmation of the presence of Alien: Isolation 2, we’d think the Official Ps Magazine might have reliable sources with regards to news of unannounced games, so we’re giving that one the advantage of the doubt. Though publishers SEGA were disappointed with sales from the original game, the thirst for any new Alien game may increase using the approaching discharge of Alien: Covenant, director Ridley Scott’s go back to the world he produced. Though Alien: Isolation 2 hasn’t even made its distance to development yet, SEGA might be planning its release for any potential follow up to new film, in order to simply take advantage of a restored curiosity about the franchise.


Creative Set up have formerly expressed curiosity about developing Alien: Isolation 2, with game designer Gary Napprethe explaining the potential follow up is really a “daily topic” within the studio within an interview with AVP Galaxy in late December. It’s now been some time because the dust chosen the initial game, there would without doubt be lots of curiosity about a follow-up soon.

Alien: Covenant may have its very own tie-in bet on sorts, having a virtual reality experience developed by Fox Innovation Lab set to produce plus the discharge of the show. It’ll be “a dread-inducing journey in to the deep Alien world,” based on its pr release, by using it set to be sold like a compensated application on “major VR platforms.”




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