Alien: isolation (2014) — art from the title

Alien: isolation (2014) — art from the title But none of them have

A pale column of sunshine sears the darkness, fuzzy and pixelated, climbing having a creaking, ominous rumble before disappearing. As other beams position interior and exterior frame in quick succession, the visible strokes of some bigger form, a note starts to play. Certainly one of cinema’s most long lasting heroines very carefully invites us to where we left her in 1979 – to the cold and terrifying realm of Ridley Scott’s Alien.

Invoking Ripley’s memorable sign off within the opening moments of Alien: Isolation – a brand new survival horror game from Creative Set up and direct follow up towards the original Alien – is both a bold statement of intent from the creators and something hell of the hook. Set fifteen years following the occasions from the first film and 42 years just before Aliens, Alien: Isolation puts players becoming Amanda Ripley – the grown daughter of series protagonist Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver). Even though the game parks itself firmly in territory untouched by prequels, sequels, or god awful spin-offs, it absolutely revels within the lo-fi, “used universe” aesthetic that Scott’s movie helped immortalize, and achieves this in a manner that no movie or gaming has since.

Nearly every game in line with the Alien franchise has attracted liberally from James Cameron’s gung ho 1986 sci-fi actioner Aliens (indeed, what can gaming do without the venerable space marine?). But none of them have ever seriously tried to funnel the sneaking dread of their 1979 predecessor so far.

Within the spirit from the original Alien, Isolation is really a game about loss and survival from the odds – not badasses on the bug search. This go back to the series’ roots is created abundantly obvious through the game’s title sequence. Slow, deliberate, and disquieting, the succession echoes R/Greenberg Associates’ legendary primary titles for Alien in form and performance. The outlet also functions like a reset button of sorts for that franchise, reintroducing us to Ripley before Hadley’s Hope, before Rage 161, just like we left her and Johnson aboard the lifeboat Narcissus.

Numerous filmmakers and game designers have attempted to include their very own little piece towards the Alien mythos through the years, and many have unsuccessful for some reason. Just how will a game studio most widely known for military strategy games fare? Much better than you may expect.


Alien: Isolation – E3 2014 Accolades Trailer


rickiex: IGN – its the alien game i wanted \n\nME: uhmmm …. didnt they endorse colonial marines?

OmNomNomNomNom: just like the other guy said. they appease what ever game they're paid to. even if it was the shittiest game on the planet. its not like they make enough money from ads.

TheFire1290: +IV Gecko VI That's bullshit.

Kieran Loves You: Boy oh boy I can't wait for this "E3 2014 Accolades Trailer" Game that looks a lot like Alien Isolation.

Zyromkiru: I want this game to do well because Aliens cannot die out dammit! (preferably I'd like a remake of AVP 2)

Joseph Gallow: Yes. I agree

J Davis: And a standalone Predator game would be nice.

Edward Meek: Not buying until demo or after release, was burnt too bad by the shit Colonial Marines turned out to be.

hekasoram: get the pirated game from torrent, don't trust a Demo, try and then buy if you like

Shukulo: +hekasoram Never torrent a game. Ever.