Alien isolation announced for pc and consoles

By Pete Haas

three years ago

Update: Well, that did not take lengthy. Sega has formally announced Alien Isolation for Xbox One, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 Console, and PC. The very first trailer is below.

Original article:

Alien Isolation sprang on the Xbox Marketplace today. Your opportunity for Creative Assembly’s survival horror game includes the Xbox 360 Console box art together with several details and pictures.

The summary on (via NeoGAF) confirms previous reports the game stars Amanda Ripley, daughter of Sigourney Weaver’s character within the Alien film series:

"Uncover the real concept of fear in Alien: Isolation, a survival horror occur an environment of constant dread and mortal danger. 15 years following the occasions of Alien, Ellen Ripley’s daughter, Amanda enters a desperate fight for survival, on the pursuit to solve the reality behind her mother’s disappearance. As Amanda, you’ll travel through an more and more volatile world as you are faced on every side with a panicked, desperate population as well as an unpredictable, callous Alien."

Isolation seems like the very first Alien film or, to utilize a game comparison, System Shock 2. Amanda is not a heavily-armed commando. The only real gear she’s is whatever she will scavenge from her atmosphere. The Xbox Marketplace listing states that she’s going to need to "improvise" and "use her wits" to outlive.

Xbox Marketplace also mentions the game may have DLC ("content downloads") and leaderboards. The second surprises me. Survival horror does not appear just like a genre that leads to high scores. That may be a sign that Isolation includes a side mode of some type, like BioShock Infinite‘s combat challenges.

It’s interesting the box art displayed is perfect for Xbox 360 Console. All we have learned about Isolation to date is that it is next-gen title. I suppose Sega really wants to hedge their bets and release the sport on current-gen consoles too. A mix-gen launch appears fitting for any franchise the size of Alien.

While today’s leak does not provide lots of new information or assets if you have been following a coverage about this game, it will provide confirmation around the previous reports. The truth that Microsoft includes a listing all set to go also shows that Sega could formally announce the sport real soon. So far, they have been reluctant to state anything about Creative Assembly’s project.

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Alien Isolation: PC vs. PS4 vs. XO Next-Gen Comparison [Full HD]


Noah Shoaf: I'd say Xbox one makes the game look creepier cause of the lighting

Roman Williams: +Noah Shoaf You know that's just the brightness settings

Tech Hybrid: Roman you are right

Vesra Valash: 1:Xbox one – looks amazing and much more darker then the other ones witch makes sense in this game.\n\n2:Ps4 – looks amazing but is more pale then XO\n\n3: PC- waay 2 pale. it is meant 2 be a dark horror game.  such waste of power

ΛLIΞИ GΞИOTYPΞ: +Dhanny Dhuzell Dude don't listen to this idiot, he's either a troll, a little kid, or a delusional grown ass man thinking a well optimized game like this one runs better on a 300 dollar console compared to a gaming pc. The game looks amazing on my setup, even with the shader aliasing which is even worse on consoles. On a powerful pc you can make them disappear by brute force through downscaling using SDR for example. This video doesn't even run at 60 fps ffs. There's no way you can truly compare graphics on different machines running on different displays by a simple youtube video. It's not just about forgetting AA, it's about forgetting everything a pc can offer you. And here you have this idiot complaining about a stupid compressed youtube video captured on god knows what capture card and god knows what pc setup. You are always going to find idiots like this on the internet.

Antivenom uknown: You do know you can adjust the brightness right?

Kratogo: Ich kapiers nicht wieso die Pc'lr so auf der Grafik der Konsolen rumhacken? Man erkennt den Unterschied nur im direkten Vergleich, beim Spielen erkennt man garkein Unterschied. Zudem kann nicht jeder Pc'ler auf höchsten Einstellungen spielen sondern vielleicht nur auf mittleren und dann sieht es mit sicherheit sogar auf der Konsole besser aus. :)

Angel: fachgesimpel^^

SengirShowsU: Nicht ganz ^^ Und "Frames ausgleichen" ist auch nicht so einfach. Dazu kommt noch das die Steuereingaben mit der fps Zahl gekoppelt sind. Es reagiert auch alles im Spiel direkter auf Eingaben. Du glaubst ja gar nicht wie viel besser sich das anfühlt.

Chrisfragger1: This is funny, you recorded this at 1080p, but the consoles cannot even play these games at true 1080p, just 792p or 900p upscaled to 1080p.