Alien: isolation benchmarked – notebookcheck.internet reviews

Alien: isolation benchmarked - notebookcheck.internet reviews 4700MQ     Schenker W503

Alien: Isolation 1920×1080 Ultra, On, Shadow Map 2048, HDAO AA:2x SM AF:16x 1920×1080 High, On, Shadow Map 1536, Standard SSAO AA:Forex AF:8x 1366×768 Medium, On (AA & SSAO Off), Shadow Map 1024 AF:4x 1024×768 (Very) Low, Off, Shadow Map 512 AF:1x GeForce GTX 780 Ti, 3770K

116.3 fps &sim50%

166.6 fps &sim56%

234.4 fps &sim76%

250.3 fps &sim76%

Radeon R9 290X, 2600K, Samsung SSD 840 Pro 256GB MZ7PD256HAFV-0Z000
Azure Tri-X R9 290X Desktop

108 fps &sim46%

131 fps &sim44%

160 fps &sim52%

179 fps &sim54%

Radeon R9 280X, 3770K

85.6 fps &sim37%

111.6 fps &sim37%

167 fps &sim54%

197.7 fps &sim60%

GeForce GTX 880M, 4700MQ
Schenker W504

68.9 fps &sim29%

101.2 fps &sim34%

178 fps &sim57%

207.3 fps &sim63%

GeForce GTX 760, 3770K

67.7 fps &sim29%

97.5 fps &sim33%

176.8 fps &sim57%

242.7 fps &sim73%

GeForce GTX 780M, 4700MQ
Schenker W503

64.5 fps &sim28%

95.4 fps &sim32%

167.9 fps &sim54%

193.2 fps &sim58%

Radeon R9 M290X, 4700MQ
Schenker W504

57.1 fps &sim24%

73.4 fps &sim25%

120.5 fps &sim39%

140.4 fps &sim42%

GeForce GTX 870M, 4700MQ
Schenker W504

55.9 fps &sim24%

77.9 fps &sim26%

145.7 fps &sim47%

205.9 fps &sim62%

GeForce GTX 750 Ti, 3770K

46.2 fps &sim20%

65 fps &sim22%

129 fps &sim42%

196.3 fps &sim59%

GeForce GTX 770M, 4700MQ
Schenker W503

42.8 fps &sim18%

62.4 fps &sim21%

116.8 fps &sim38%

167.3 fps &sim51%

GeForce GTX 860M, 4700MQ
Schenker W504

39.8 fps &sim17%

53.8 fps &sim18%

101.2 fps &sim33%

150.6 fps &sim45%

GeForce GTX 850M, 4340M
Schenker M504

33.7 fps &sim14%

47 fps &sim16%

93.8 fps &sim30%

141.4 fps &sim43%

GeForce GTX 765M, 4700MQ
Schenker W503

32.1 fps &sim14%

43.1 fps &sim14%

81.6 fps &sim26%

126.4 fps &sim38%

GeForce GT 750M, 4702MQ
Schenker M503

19.3 fps &sim8%

26.6 fps &sim9%

51.2 fps &sim17%

76.9 fps &sim23%

Radeon R7 512 Cores (Kaveri Desktop), A10-7850K, Samsung SSD 470 Series MZ-5PA256/EU
A10-7850K Asus A88-XM-PLUS

16.8 fps &sim7%

21.7 fps &sim7%

40 fps &sim13%

58 fps &sim18%

Iris Pro Graphics 5200, 4750HQ, Apple SSD 525 Series SSDMCEAC180B3
Schenker S413

16.4 fps &sim7%

24.6 fps &sim8%

47 fps &sim15%

69 fps &sim21%

GeForce GT 640M, 2637M, Lite-On LMT-256M3M
Acer Aspire M3-581TG

15.5 fps &sim7%

22.4 fps &sim8%

43.2 fps &sim14%

65 fps &sim20%

GeForce GT 740M, 4200M
HP Envy 15-j011sg

12 fps &sim5%

16.4 fps &sim6%

33 fps &sim11%

49.2 fps &sim15%

GeForce GT 720M, 4200M, WDC Scorpio Blue WD10JPVX-22JC3T0
MSI CX61-i572M

9.2 fps &sim4%

13.1 fps &sim4%

25.6 fps &sim8%

38.4 fps &sim12%

GeForce GT 630M, 3720QM, Seagate Momentus 7200.5 ST9750420AS
Asus N56VM

9.8 fps &sim4%

13.8 fps &sim5%

26.3 fps &sim8%

HD Graphics 4600, 4700MQ
Schenker W503

8.8 fps &sim4%

13.4 fps &sim4%

26 fps &sim8%

42 fps &sim13%

Radeon HD 8650G, A10-5750M, Samsung SSD 470 Series MZ-5PA256/EU
Pumori Test Platform (A10-5750M)

11.2 fps &sim5%

14.2 fps &sim5%

24.6 fps &sim8%

37.1 fps &sim11%

HD Graphics 4000, 3720QM
Asus N56VM

18.2 fps &sim6%

28.6 fps &sim9%

Resourse: https://notebookcheck.internet/

The Hateful Truth Ep. 150 – Alien: Isolation (PS4) and the JOKE of Mainstream Reviews


Lost Utopia Films: The moment Gamespot gave Black Ops 2 a higher score than The Last of Us people should've known something was up lol

TechLikeABoss: +MikeG82 yeah, just keep telling yourself that

MikeG82: +TechLikeABoss\n it's 3 years old and still played by over 100,000 people per day\n\nkeep whining about a game you either haven't played or you suck at it

ZombieMonkey7: Gamespot – "The Alien AI is too unpredictable"\n….. Ugh

Xerazal: You can't make these "gamers" happy. by "gamers" i'm referring to gaming journalists. If Alien Isolation were shorter, they'd be saying its too short. If the game was just you and the Alien, they'd be saying its repetitive. If the Alien could be killed, they'd be saying its not true to the movie. They just have to find something to complain about, unless its cod.

DicloniusGames: +Xerazal Can't please the shit fucks of IGN/GameSpot no matter what. They always have something small to bitch about, unless it's COD.

spikevincent: I never trust the Mainstream media anymore. They just do this shit for the money and nothing at all. Phil and Angry Joe are the only people I trust in gaming reviews now.

Carlos Contreras: Hey opinions are opinions.

Ben Smith: me too

Shownon: Mainstream is a joke lol 5.9…*IGN*norant score, glad to hear your thoughts on AI.