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  • 1 .357 Revolver
  • 2 Model 37-12 Shotgun
  • 3 Custom Flamethrower
  • 4 Secure Gun
  • 5 Advanced Pipe Explosive device
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.357 Revolver

The .357 Revolver, made by the imaginary Spearhead Armoury, may be the only sidearm featured hanging around and it is commonly used through the many human survivors and security personnel aboard Sevastopol Station, most particularly Axel. Immediately after Amanda Ripley (the gamer character) enters a workplace within the Lorenz Systech Spire, she will get the .357 Revolver, that exist on the table in stated office. However, as the player cannot get any revolvers came by dead humans, they are able to loot the corpses for ammunition (before the revolver is acquired).

Game play-wise, the .357 Revolver is really a 6-round, semi-automatic revolver chambered for that imaginary .357 LR cartridge and seems to become according to both Chiappa Rhino 50DS and Mateba Model 6 Unica. Like both revolvers, it fires in the bottom chamber from the cylinder. With respect to the shot placement, the revolver has decent stopping power against human survivors, but might struggle significantly with taking lower Seegson "Working Joes" synthetics, particularly the heavily armored ones putting on Hazmat suits. As with every weapons hanging around, its iron sights can’t be used and also the revolver cannot fatally harm the Aliens experienced hanging around. Unlike most gaming portrayals of revolvers, the gamer really uses the ejector fishing rod to push the bullets instead of simply trembling the revolver’s cylinder downward. Additionally, the revolver is reloaded one round at that time and also the player must press (or hold) the reload button for every round they would like to insert in to the cylinder. However, there are many impractical facets of the revolver’s reload animation. To begin with, the gamer simply ejects all of the models in the cylinder (whether or not or not every one of them were fired) and also the unfired models in some way magically hop into the player’s ammunition pool. Second, the models ejected are spent casings, even when there have been unfired models remaining within the chamber. Finally, the gamer swings the cylinder shut using the flick from the wrist instead of pushing it closed using the other hands, which could make the cylinder to become misaligned and/or even the revolver to malfunction.


Star Trek – Horizon: Full Film


wkrepelin: way too much hate in the comments. let's see any of you airmchair directors step up and do better. As far as the acting being bad, have any of you actually ever watched ST? This was well within the realm of aberage ST acting. As a film it's decent. As a fan film it is smaxing to the nth degree. Major props to everyone involved.

KawaiiBoy: bad acting is bad acting no matter how you look at it, it would got better reviews, if you borrow the cast of archer enterprise, well their voices anyway. i'm sure Scott Bakula would love to help. =D for how low budget star trek was at least they can afford good acting. hahaahaha love the fan movie thou <3

Shaun Osby: Agreed. This "fan film", produced with a limited budget is at least as good as many episodes of Star Trek that had MILLIONS of dollars behind them. I am quite impressed with the finished product considering the limitations they were working under.

Joe Satchton: Those with courage and vision, DO. Those without either of those traits come on youtube to troll and hurl insults.\n\nThis was a 100 minute labor of love – created by fans with the guts, determination and skill to pay homage to a beloved fictional universe.\n\nThe only legitimate reaction to this film should be admiration.\n\nWill this film win any Oscars? No. Should Tom Hardy, Christian Bale, Charlize Theron and the like be worried for their jobs? No. Is the screenwriting sublimely perfect? No.\n\nDid the production crew have millions of dollars to play with? Very likely also no.\n\nJudge things for what they are – stop making useless comparisons to big budget films.\n\nTeam, THANK YOU. Incredible job everyone. CONGRATULATIONS!\n\ncheers!

Ron Johnson: I was wondering the same thing.  There was a narrative by the Captain, but not in the format of a 'Captain's Log'.

colin p: Good job guys, give yourselves a pat on the back. Much better than the current "stuff" coming out of Hollywood.

Kenn Hirschberg: Considering the last ST movie, Beyond, with its horrible script, yes this is better than what Hollywood is putting out.

mrhaag: You mean that "stuff" that has made well over a billion dollars? That had taken a dead franchise and made it relevant again?

asasial1977: ditch the lens flares, the acting is ok, and I can tolerate the blurring but all the constant lens flares are seriously annoying

strange love: Considering this was fan made its bloody amazing, well done.