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  • Resourse:

    ALIEN: Isolation – Review (XBOX 360)

    Video COMMENTS:

    Zach Spoonamore: thanks for a proper review unlike those pillocks at IGN

    Chantit Simma: Excellent vid! Excellent review! I love the game and I love how you used the Prometheus soundtrack at the end!!!

    Oliver Harper: Thanks man!. I thought id spice up the end with a bit of montage. 

    Martin Sørensen: For me, this is the best game of all time.

    Discord Shadow Lord of the Black Mountain: +Jackeroose98 hat´s why i p´refer Aliens vs Predator Marine with predalien expansion.

    Marodeur1981: Well, maybe not the best game but one of the best there are today. And certainly the best AI.

    kevin texter: my reaction to this game "holy crap I'm in the Alien Universe !……..wait……oh shit…..I'm in the Alien Universe

    Kevin Striker: As someone who only liked Alien, this looks like a game I should pick up.  \nThe sequel I've been waiting for, it seems.

    Kevin Striker: +Jake Bolt I got it for XBOX 360 in December.

    Althir78: I think this game is good on all systems :)