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Session Name Building Fear in Alien: Isolation

Alistair Hope

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Whenever we attempted to make Alien: Isolation our goal was to help make the Alien game we’d always aspired to play. A game title that required the gamer to Ridley Scott’s original haunted house wide. A game title where only one Alien might be terrifying and supply a significant encounter for an underpowered and underprepared player.
This talk will disclose the way we worked out delivering this latest method of probably the most recognized icons in cinema and also the story of methods we transformed our very own fear and uncertainty to produce a new kind of horror experience. We’ll show your way from initial vision to the method of using the creature’s senses to Are-Alien the Alien’ and just how developing a visually and aurally immersive world was important to entire experience.


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Joshua Brewer: You made this episode just so you could talk about Chicken Boning, calling it.

shinobody: Let's make chicken-boning a general slang for causing enemy infighting in videogames, too.\n"I positioned myself behind that zombie so the imp would throw fireball at him, chickenboning him".

thatoneawesomeguy: David DiMartino bo

Dicks out: The amount of source material on your description deserves a shout-out, holy shit. Thanks for the good work

ujembi: It doesn't matter what sort of content I am watching… anyone who meticulously lists sources will get a sub. Luckily, you have amazing content too. =)

Gavin Myers: Couldn't agree more. Damn. Subbed! Loved seeing these wonderful quotes pulled from devs at work too.

Soul Links: Breath of the wild has some of the funniest and best ai I've seen

Soul Links: Lone Starr lynels, hinoxes and stone stalus will respawn and there weapons at each blood moon

Matt Brown: i'd say the same for Horizon Zero Dawn, it was nice how you could only fool them with traps and tripwires once before they'd actively evade or even jump over them, or they'd run out of range if you tried sniping from an inaccessible position, really made you vary up your attack

TheKotti: Five minutes into the video I've screamed "YES!" so, so many times. Back in July the new Hitman got a patch that made the AI wildly unpredictable and just about ruined the otherwise outstanding game for me and I've since been trying to explain to people, the developers included, why it's such a terrible change. Unfortunately it seems that a lot of people think that unpredictable is realistic and that realistic is good.