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Steam community :: alien: isolation of VR development has altered

Sega demonstrated off a VR way of the very first-person horror game Alien: Isolation, running with an early form of the Oculus Rift in the summer time of 2014. It never evolved past the prototype stage, however the files that enabled the VR mode remained as present hanging around if this shipped. These were hidden, however, and moreover inoperable, because of the many changes designed to the Oculus SDK between your Development Package 2 (that the demo ran on) and also the discharge of the customer version a few years later. But because of the magic from the MotherVR mod being produced by Zack "Nibre" Fannon, it&aposs working (with a few limitations) once more. 

Fannon told Route To VR the old Oculus development package doesn&apost depend on exterior files to function, but "will get statically compiled into the game," and it is thus tough to modify. "This limitation may be the primary reason support continues to be limited to the DK2 and older legacy runtimes for such a long time,&#x201D he stated. &#x201CHow I&#x2019ve had the ability to circumvent that’s by patching every SDK call hanging around if this launches, to redirect it to my very own &#x2018fake&#x2019 SDK code. Then i take these demands in the game, and reinterpret them to the present Oculus SDK, converting and fixing things on the way.&#x201D   

Intricacies aside, Fannon stated that a few of the limitations from the VR mode, including "mandatory smooth turning, mind-locked aiming, damaged re-centering that doesn&#x2019t properly align the sport horizon using the real life horizon (which was terrible before I fixed it), body positioning in VR (objects far too close), [and] forced mind animation," simply reflect how the concept of VR development has altered in the last couple of years. 

"To become fair towards the developers though, in 2014 we actually didn&#x2019t termed as much regarding VR methodologies once we do now. So knowing that, their VR support was really very good for that time," he stated.   

Also, he cautioned around the MotherVR Github page that Alien: Isolation VR is made for sitting down play only. "By playing this Mod every other way than sitting down, you need to do so at the own risk. You might be able to stomach this standing, however i absolutely cannot recommend it at the moment. Roomscale doesn’t work whatsoever at this time.Inch 

It&aposs still very early along the way&#x2014the presently available version is alpha .1.1&#x2014but Fannon stated he wanted to help make the mod available "so people can enjoy by using it as i still focus on it." It just props up Oculus Rift right now, but he wishes to have "fundamental Vive support" operational soon, and support for VR controllers such as the Oculus Touch added at some stage in the long run. 

A relevant video from the Alien: Isolation VR prototype functioning is visible below.

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