Github – emmittj/poeskilltree: a passive skill tree planner for road to exile


A Passive Skill Tree and Character Planner for Road to Exile


  • Import build URLs from:
  • PoEBuilder
  • PoE Planner
  • PoEURL
  • TinyURL
  • Export build to PoEURL link
  • Character Sheet: DPS and Defensive calculations
  • Tree comparison: Compare current tree using the tree of the saved build
  • Search the tree
  • Search by text with the field towards the bottom bar
  • Search by attribute name with the context menus of attributes within the "Attributes" sidebar
  • Find similar nodes by hovering more than a node while holding lower Shift
  • Group attributes: Manage groups with the context menu of attributes. Enter a # included in the group name and it'll sum the attributes within the group.
  • Show all changes to attributes when skilling a node: click View -> Show review of changes or press Ctrl+G
  • Equipment
  • Accessible by hitting "Equipment" within the top right corner
  • Improve your character's outfitted products
  • Change socketed gems of products (double left click or right click on the item)
  • Organize imported and crafted products inside a stash
  • Import character inventories and stash tabs
  • Craft rare and different products
  • Inventory is saved per build, stash is shared between all builds
  • Build organization
  • Builds are organized in folders
  • Drag&Drop builds to reorder them and move them between folders
  • Edit name, note, account and character name by right click -> Edit
  • Builds are saved as individual files. Open the main folder by clicking File -> Open build directory. Edit the place in Edit -> Settings -> Build save path.
  • Share build files with other people:
  • Share the build file itself: Others can import it by opening the file with PoESkillTree (double click on the file).
  • Share the build file as text: Copy a build (press Ctrl+C or right click -> Copy) and paste it somewhere. Others may then copy the pasted text and paste it in to the program (pick a build or folder in PoESkillTree and press Ctrl+V or right click -> Paste).
  • Look into the context menu of builds for additional options
  • Let PoESkillTree assist you in creating trees:
  • The Skill Tree Generator can make trees according to constraints set on your part. Visit Nodes -> Skill Tree Generator for more information.
  • Hotkeys
  • To determine available hotkeys, visit Help -> Hotkeys or look into the menu/context menu entry under consideration.
  • Graphical user interface
  • Hide sidebars
  • Capability to choose color theme (View -> Theme and examine -> Accent)



  1. _SITE_MENU_
  2. Visit the release page and choose the version you need, possibly the latest.
  3. Download
  4. Portal: pick the zip file
  5. Installer: pick the exe file
  6. Unzip/Do the installation to some location of your liking
  7. Start PoESkillTree.exe



Visit: Help -> Look for Updates

By hand

For those who have settings and/or saved builds you need to keep when updating do that:

  1. Stick to the first three steps under Install
  2. Now either unzip to same directory and overwrite everything. Or select a new location after which copy over PersistentData.xml. To repeat your saved builds, follow this wiki page.

Skilltree version

This program always ships using the latest skilltree data available once the release is performed. Knowing there's a brand new form of the tree around the official website but no latest version of the program can be obtained this can be done:

  1. Delete the information folder after which just start this program, it'll download the most recent version.
  2. If you possess the program running go to: Tools -> Redownload Skill Tree Assets

Note: These two options require that you could connect to the official Road to Exile website.


  • For help book these links:
  • Thread within the official forum
  • Wiki on Github
  • Open and closed issues on GitHub
  • If you discover any bugs/problems please report it here on GitHub
  • Miss any features? Create a problem here or publish within the forum thread

Information for contributors

  • The code requires Visual Studio 2017 to become compiled and run
  • It's compiled to .Internet 4.5 using C# 7
  • To operate the batch scripts in WPFSKillTree (by extension, compile the code in Run configuration), your Visual Studio installation's Common7/Tools/ folder must be included to the road atmosphere variable


  • Headhorr – for his original "Unofficial Offline Skilltree Calc"
  • Emmitt
  • Kaezin
  • SpaceOgre
  • l0g0sys
  • NadenOfficial
  • Ttxman
  • yazilliclick
  • MauranKilom
  • brather1ng



First Look at the Passive Tree of the Fall of Oriath Beta


Kappa: wow did he lose weight? in 2017?

waba: Practical Application should be 30 str 30 dex.

dudle core: I woulda liked to see the CI-lvling changed like this:\n 1 node behind CI:\nconvert your life/lvl to ES that does not scale with ES increases. so you can actually lvl as CI and it won't trap noobs.

bubutron: But Yoji what about the bandits… how would i know wich one to take in 3.0….

Nelson Brown: I'm a little sad Dirty Fighting had its "cool" effect removed. Chance to poison against bleeding enemies is a cool effect unique to the passive tree, and I wish there were more effects like that, rather than more "raw stat" nodes and notables.

Flynn Zeke: Changes are meh to be honest was expecting something, anything with a bit more heft.

Rasmus Vasard: Potato voice man is uploading again :D

Tim Crawford ⓥ: Path of building is updated and does work for that yoji :p

SeranaIsBae: If nothing changes with the passive tree my starting build for 3.0 is gonna be a Trickster RF. The tree is fucking beautiful, I get 206% life, MoM, Acro and Patient Reaper, Weave the Arcane and Shade Form. It looks pretty promising with the changes to MoM.\n\nHere's the tree if anyone wanna make some corrections or alternate pathing, I'll be glad to discuss it: (It's for the 3.0 offline passive trees)

GogFather: Yoji stumbles through the new passive tree glancing at a few nodes and plays spot-the-difference. all whilst playing Spa music in the background, love it!