Black desert online: earning cash workers

Black desert online: earning cash workers back and they

You now ought to be obtaining the gist from the basics. Get contribution points, invest into accommodations and worker nodes, have your workers gather material and from time to time prepare some beer for the workers.

You can keep such as this for that other towns, for example Glish, Calpheon, Epheria, Trent, Altinova and so on. Getting accommodations, hiring workers deciding on worker nodes to collect from. Case fine and can reward you with a lot of silver as the worker empire grows.

But if you wish to get just as much silver as you possibly can out of your workers you will have to start optimizing them with respect to the value oft their output. I am unable to simply let you know what nodes would be best because this changes with market cost fluctuations so what you ought to do would be to start positively searching at market prices, just how much material you receive from each worker and also the time he gathers it. You will want to calculate simply how much silver you are receiving for the worker hourly and compare it along with other workers.

Black desert online: earning cash workers But if you wish

From individuals figures you can start making changes that nodes you’re gathering from. Scrapping individuals that provide low returns and as a result investing into individuals that provide greater return. Remember that you don’t lose your contribution points in you choose to scrap a node, you receive the contribution points back and they are utilized for any different node.


Black Desert Online – Altinova AFK Money Making Guide – 5-8M Silver Per Day


Patrick Boettcher: Most of those people who say you can make 5-10 m/ per day are lying. I have several workstations running and came up with 4,5 mi/ per day. What the moste of those guys dont tell you is, that you first need to gather all these fu materials to get you station running. For you legol, a huge thumps up that you are honest in fact of the money making. I guess i try your way when i got the time for it^^

Legol HD: Thanks a ton buddy! Finally someone who gets it! 🙂 Thanks for watching! \nMake sure to watch my 10-40m a day guide too :P

Legol HD: Hey guys, so someone recently pointed out to me, that there's no way you could make 5-8m/hr from doing this, and he was absolutely right. I somehow managed to fuck up the title AND the description by writing /hr, when i meant that this profit is per DAY. I am truly sorry about this, it won't happen again! I promise!

Arille Nahis: wait what? so u mean 5-8m/per day not per hour? wtf?? im confused

Legol HD: Arille Nahis 5-8m per day, sorry mate

Robert Corbin: I really hope you make more guides. Your mic setup is good for a new Youtuber, the info is good, you are great at making sure to pronounce every word legibly. You seem to know your stuff. I'd love to see more economic guides for Black Desert Online, especially why things work instead of just what works – although good step by step guides are great too! Would you consider putting written guides or links to maps with stuff next time?\n\nThank you so much for this – subbed!

Legol HD: Damn, 3/3 ! Thank you so much for your kind words, i appreciate it buddy! God bless you and thank you for watching!

Yammo Yammamoto: Vut? This was your first video? o_O\nVery short, clear, to the point – with a good radio-voice.\nInstand-subbing :)

Shacony: I like it, looking forward for more :D

Robert Corbin: I would love to see a guide on how to find out what is profitable, instead of just what IS profitable. Basically: How did you find the wagon market everyone's screaming will crash?\n\nI used to love playing the AH in WoW, but it's been ruined by the last few expacs. I'm really hoping this game will have the depth of economy I'm looking for.