The interface

The interface mounts, workers

The interface continues to be split into several parts which is very intuitive. Here, you discover all the necessary options that you could freely modify hanging around options menu. Each and every moment, you are able to disable elements like the minimap or quests. Below, you will find a short description of options incorporated within the interface:

# 1 has predominantly been dedicated to your character. Here, you’ll find your present level, icons showing your progression or info on rewards for the actions hanging around world. The very first line specifies the amount of skill points that you could spend. Therefore, you don’t need to help keep being able to access character choices to look this up. The 2nd line provides info on your vital statistics and also the third one, the contribution line. Underneath, you’ll find options concerning mounts, workers and pets.

Number Two continues to be entirely dedicated to chat. You are able to modify freely its size or even the contents that’s displayed. At any time, you are able to define your personal tab that divides chat into separate channels, that is useful as a guild member or perhaps a can member.

# 3 is your wellbeing, mana and stamina bars. Underneath the bars, you discover your talent that you could freely modify within the skills menu.

# 4 is really a minimap. You are able to modify its size and hang rotation options. Below, you discover options that that display the needed markings, or offer you notifications individuals equipment quality.

Number 5 is all about quests. You are able to customize the window at any time, which means the planet map. Within the quest options, you are able to specify which of them seem to be to become displayed into the spotlight. You can buy combat quests, health quests, crafting quests, etc.


Beach House – Live The interface 2010


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