Valkyries really are a type of rugged female players, whom focus on heavy armored, close quarter sword and shielded combat. Some would liken these to shield maidens from mythology of history, because of their intense learning defense and combat survival. Valkyrie may be the female counterpart towards the Warrior.

Black Desert Lore - ValkyriesBlack Desert Lore – Valkyries

Valkyries would be the "Holy Servants" of Elion, forsaking relationships as well as in recognition for their god and the linking to fireplace and lightweight getting naturally red hair or dying it accordingly. They’re trained in the College in Calpheon in which the Valkyries origin lies.

Play Style Edit

If you are searching for any tank class, Valkyrie is among the very best in the trade. Make no mistake though they are able to certainly released damage if performed well, however the primary focus is damage minimization. In solo pvp they’re quite skilled at holding their very own while in skilled hands, and able to take lower other classes. One drawback however is that they lack a few of the maneuverability and speed of the Warrior counterpart. Where they shine is supplying a couple of decent support buffs, excellent group fight survivability, and more importantly a lot of knock downs.

They fit in with a really exclusive listing of classes having the ability to block all incoming frontal damage (to some extent), causing them to be fairly forgiving when it comes to stepping into situations where incoming damage is plentiful, plus its forgiving with new player combat mistakes. The category also enables room for growth into expert level play, making Valkyries a good option for players searching for any fun & rugged close quarters class.


Classical – Richard Wagner – Ride of the Valkyries


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