Booyah counter strike buzz

Booyah counter strike buzz creates realistic scales and eyes

The BOOYAH Counter Strike Buzz’s counter-rotating blades deliver exceptional stability and provide a unique seem that fish haven’t heard, even just in heavily fished waters. Made with the initial triangular-formed mind, the Counter Strike Buzz will plane towards the surface rapidly and cut through amazingly thick cover. A multi-step painting procedure that creates realistic scales and eyes, silicone skirt, plated blades that maximize flash as well as an XCalibur Tx3 hook match Counter Strike Technology to produce the best buzzbait.

  • Counter rotating buzz blades create added flash and vibration
  • Premium Texas3 Hooks & components

Booyah counter strike buzz maximize flash as well as

Weight Count
Blade Type
1/2 oz 1 Premium Nickel or Gold Plated 5/ Texas3
1/4 oz 1 Premium Nickel or Gold Plated 3/ Texas3
3/8 oz 1 Premium Nickel Or Gold Plated 4/ Texas3

Booyah counter strike buzz Made with the initial

booyah counter strike buzz bait


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