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Classic offensive mod - mod db the nostalgia and fixing

I’ve essentially two options:

  • Option 1 – The Straight Classic

Build the mod without improving what 1.6 did previously, including porting the very same maps however in HD (similar to what CSPromod did previously… climax the road I have been taking so far… Dust2 and Inferno are examples about how exactly it’d go), keeping CS1.6’s balance, extending reload occasions, maintaining your glitches from 1.6. However I could be limited about a few things i can’t modify like, nade physics, players heights and all sorts of individuals things hardcoded in CS:GO.


– Keep your 1.6 balance.

– Keep the very same maps.

– Keep your SAME feeling.

– Do essentially a CSPromod 2.

– Anything to really make it like 1.6,

– Only keeping CS:GO’s stuff basically can’t circumvent it.

– Keep to the old gamemodes and never improving them whatsoever.

– Keep your old particle effects.

  • Option 2 – The Right Mix

Build the mod around what CS:GO improved, and keep the nostalgia and fixing the total amount With no new weapons, playermodels, sounds, skins… but remaking the maps round the ambiance and art types of 1.6 rather of the straight port (essentially 90s themed, affected by films and Half-Existence… take CS_Italia for instance that is incorporated within the mod and is actually CS:GO’s Italia using the feeling and layout from 1.6)


– Attempt to fix the total amount from the weapons like Valve is attempting to complete.

– Rework CS:GO’s maps, while which makes them seem like that old ones and the styles of just one.6.

– Embrace the finest CS:GO’s changes (opaque smokes, right click tossing, C4 sounds, map enhancements, skins),

– But keep your Classic feel (and also the rest that made 1.6 popular).

– Not re-applying the brand new weapons (f**n’ kek-9)

– Keep your traditional sounds (and perhaps rework them a little).

– Bear in mind that CS1.6 had its issues, which CS:GO fixed a number of them.

– Offer the mod until my dying Keep increasing the balance from the mod using community feedback

– Add new gamemodes (Instagib, Golden gun, CS:GO’s Protector gamemode)

– Add new HD particle effects simply because they look outdated in the present version.

– Keep your old 1.6 movement physics though improving it to really make it smooth.




Samuel Wilson: why are you say BYYEEEITTTAAA instead of beta

Mikachu: What the fuck 65 is considered a bad ping

Roo Roo: Nano Pixel -1000 ping a whole second ahead of the game

rainbow_six_siege Clips: Mikachu i have always like 80-100wtf

Original Ahri: why u have jinx profile picture\n\n\n\n:((

King Humle: Original Ahri 69 likes :)

Original Ahri: ok

AntonAck: Wherent you i Africa? Where are the vlogs BOI?

valy: You can play CS:CO on faceit btw

Matas Maserati: that dabbing part killed me 👌💯😂