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2017.07.07 –


– Fixed bug with new seem system in which a buzzing might be heard without anyone’s knowledge.

– Fixed crash on Linux and Mac

– Fixed regressions with lobby sounds via OS audio device.

[ KRAKOW 2017 ]

– Team stickers, team graffiti, and stickers autographed by CS:GO pro players are actually available to buy in-game, in the Steam Community Market, or in the 50 piece Mega Bundle on Steam. 50% from the proceeds visit the players and organizations at Krakow 2017.

– Adding Pick’Em for Krakow Major.


– Added a convar tv_allow_camera_man_override that must definitely be focused on the sport server to permit camera man overrides. It’s disabled automatically, and reduces network traffic with single interactive caster.


– Added optional asynchronous audio mixing which enables for any smoother minimizing latency audio experience. This really is could be switched on making use of snd_mix_async 1. If this sounds like switched on, snd_mixahead can also be set to some lower value for example .02. We’ll monitor community feedback about this feature before turning it on automatically for those players.

– Made it feasible to select audio device to make use of within the settings menu.

– Sounds produced by physics props and doorways will spatialize properly when having fun with HRTF enabled.

[ MISC ]

– Added client cvar “cl_deathnotices_show_numbers” which enables appending observer figures to kill feed (: defaults without figures, 1: to make use of just observer figures in dying notices, 2: append observer figures before names in dying notices).


– Updated the next community weapon finishes with normal maps:

— Glock-18 Royal Legion

— M4A4 Royal Paladin

— August Aristocrat

— CZ75-Auto Imprint

— Dual Berettas Royal Consorts

— USP-S Lead Conduit

— CZ75-Auto Xiangliu

— PP-Bizon Harvester

— M4A4 Buzz Kill

— AWP Phobos

— AK-47 Fuel Injector

— Tec-9 Fuel Injector

Because of Teo~, The Honey Badger, DasDas, Apêl, G-99Factory, and emu

Resourse: http://blog.counter-strike.internet/index.php/category/updates/

CS:GO Update – Tec-9 Nerf, Jump Bug Patched & No More Group Invites!


SkyJacob99: I've suffered from the group spam invites for the past 2 months

DaveIsInsane: SkyJacob99 i suffered for a almost a year so wanna use code ecks dee for free $20 \nLOLOLOLOL

DaveIsInsane: Patrick Eberle finally found another person who has a Mugi avatar

Dat: Wtf i justed wanted the bug fix. not a tec 9 nerf

גיא בלומנפלד: Dat you right

Stefan Costa: Whyyyy nerf the Tec-9 ???? It was so fun making kids rage quit …

Get Memed: Gamer Cat yeah seems like you are the joke here. Banana clearly states it in the video that its still in beta


Fluffball: Sancho De Leon Definitely not my Urban DDPT XD

Anirban Ojha: Who needs kek 9 when you use cz