‘counter-strike’ has a lot of weird new game modes we are looking forward to

'counter-strike' has a lot of weird new game modes we are looking forward to fantastic job of holding you

Free War Games contains six different game modes. Following a match has ended, players can election which one they would like to play next, much like how map votes already work.

  • Heavy Assault Suit adds a brand new item to casual-style defuse matches on Dust 2: The heavy assault suit. It is $6,000 to purchase, enables you to walk extra slow, and limits your weapon usage to pistols and submachine guns, however it does a fantastic job of holding you back shielded from enemy fire.

  • Headshots Only speaks by itself. It is a deathmatch mode into the spotlight Arsenal and just headshots do damage.

  • Hunter-Gatherers is about collecting dog tags. Players drop dog tags when they are wiped out as well as your goal would be to collect as much as possible whether they are out of your opponents or perhaps your teammates.

  • Stab Stab Zap is really a violent undertake duck duck goose. Equipped with knives and shut-range tasers (having a special 30-second recharge), players play Safehouse looking to get up-close-and-personal kills. To keep your grenades, causeing this to be mode much more insane.

  • 'counter-strike' has a lot of weird new game modes we are looking forward to Shoots map within

  • The Flying Scoutsman has returned and also the gravity continues to be switched way lower. Without a penny but SSG08 sniper rifles, players float round the Shoots map within an aerial-heavy team deathmatch.

  • Trigger Discipline tests your goal in an exceedingly punishing way. Inside a team deathmatch game, the shots that you simply miss damage you before you have only one health point left. You will need to make certain your sights are arranged perfectly, otherwise you will be a simple target to get.


Wingman takes the sporadic defuse game mode and pares it lower for an intense 2v2 showdown. Should you die, you are accomplished for the round, therefore it is extra vital that you be cautious about sticking your neck around corners. There’s just one bombsite in Wingman, too, so defense does not have to part ways an excessive amount of.

Weapons Expert

Weapons Expert tests your talent with various CS:GO weapons by only enabling you to buy weapons once. This mode is really a 5v5, best-of-30 match that needs an in-depth understanding of CS:GO weapons. If you purchase ammunition and die by using it, you cannot have it fixed, so both you and your team may wish to be extra cautious by what you are prepared to put money into.

Together with thee modes, there are a few new and coming back maps available through the Operation for casual and competitive play, plus some new gun skins that you should check out around the Operation Hydra page.

All this submissions are free, however if you simply covering out $6 for that Operation Hydra all access pass you receive a cosmetic gold coin to use your profile, a stats book, along with a cooperative campaign.

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'counter-strike' has a lot of weird new game modes we are looking forward to few new and