Gopal balakrishnan: counterstrike west. new left review 104, march-april 2017.

Gopal balakrishnan: counterstrike west. new left review 104, march-april 2017. to be nullified through the

  • The Abolitionist—II

    Within the second a part of a sweeping renovation of the introduction of Marx’s thought, the ways that bourgeois society came into existence substituted with capitalism because the cardinal object of analysis following the collapse from the revolutions of 1848, and also the political training of his passage across that watershed for rebellions within the new century.

  • The Abolitionist—1

    Opening salvo of the two-part renovation of Marx’s intellectual passage with the Hegelian—then Ricardian—conceptual landscape of his early years, taking him towards the threshold of his mature architectonics of capitalism like a mode of production. From the beginning-reason for the philosophical empyrean from the 1830s to some turning-point using the economic upturn from the early 1850s, the introduction of one sketch of the historic materialism towards the edge of some other.

  • The Geopolitics of Separation

    Contra Benno Teschke’s critique of Carl Schmitt in NLR 67, Gopal Balakrishnan argues that bourgeois society’s constitutive separation from the economic and political would be a central problematic for that strategist from the intransigent right.

  • The Approaching Contradiction

    Glare on Fredric Jameson’s Valences from the Dialectic and it is engagement with questions of historicity, narrative and time. Groups and ideas from Hegel, Marx, Sartre and Ricoeur, accustomed to interrogate the impasses from the present—and to picture what lies beyond.

  • Sermons around the Present Age

    Gopal Balakrishnan on Reinhold Niebuhr, The Irony of yankee History. Consoling homilies for today’s liberal imperialists, in the theologian from the nuclear era.

  • Speculations around the Stationary Condition

    Will the current crisis issue inside a new phase of accumulation, or perhaps a growthless ‘stationary state’? Gopal Balakrishnan charts epochal trends in world capitalism, as well as their imbrication using the debt-fuelled imbalances from the lengthy downturn.

  • News from Nowheresville

    Gopal Balakrishnan on Parag Khanna, The 2nd World. Globe-trotting account from past the OECD, surveying the stakes inside a coming fight between ascendant China along with a West caught in imperial doldrums.

  • Role of Pressure ever

    Gopal Balakrishnan takes problem with an ambitious consider applying transformative paradigms to history, which may locate the wellsprings of conflict within the combative make-from the species. Azar Gat’s War in Human Civilization as an example of neo-social darwinism adapted towards the multicultural spirit from the age.

  • States of War

    Glare around the challenge of Afflicted Forces, in the Retort collective. How’s America’s forward policy since 9/11 best described, and just what will it inform us concerning the nature from the inter-condition system today? Has age Great Power competition passed, therefore, what sort of geopolitical order is replacing it? Capital, spectacle and war within the vortex from the Middle East.

  • Future Unknown: Machiavelli for that twenty-first century

    That thinkers don’t let submit an offer to ground a brand new conceptualization of political agency—or to find out whether this type of move continues to be nullified through the transformations from the last decades? Gopal Balakrishnan on Machiavelli’s parables of innovation and readings of him from Rousseau to Schmitt, Strauss to Gramsci. The Florentine as strategist of beginning once again, poor historic defeat.


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