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THE Scorched Earth alternative. Let us perform a comparrison. For any Weyland deck to operate Scorched Earth, it most likely must include a few of the following:

  • Ocean Source (2 inf each).
  • Mideason Replacements (4 inf each).
  • Snare! (2 inf each).
  • Tagging ICE.
  • Smaller sized agendas as well asOrdaily activities that offer the Scorch.

It may accumulate to numerous cards to concentrate your deck around. The influence price is pretty significant, and it’s not easy to incorporate another methods to your deck. This is not to state that Scorched is really a bad card, because clearly it isn’t. This really is to focus on the great alternatives that Punitive Counterstrike affords while still maintaining your flatline play inside your deck. To operate Punitive, you’ll need:

  • 3x Punitive.
  • Mostly big agendas (and Government Takeover for those who have balls of steel).

That’s really it, although Archived Recollections and a few other cards are nice to assist offer the multiple Punitive combo. But, that’s it: Punitive Counterstrike needs itself and Agendas to operate. In Weyland, it does not need just as much influence. Outdoors of Weyland, it’s a lesser hit than Scorched. The deckspace and influence it will save you within the Scorched combos could be saved for other surprises.


  • Does not need tags to operate.
  • Could possibly punish multi access unlike any other card without multiple copies.
  • Having fun with it releases deck space in comparison with Scorched.
  • Combos with itself.
  • The Combo cost less to drag off.
  • Only Plascrete and Riches can safeguard the runner out of your eventual wrath.


  • Is much more susceptible to Plascrete Carapace.
  • It is going away within the late game, because the runner will get nearer to winning by configuring it.
  • You have to include mostly 3 pointers, which limits your agenda options.

Resourse: https://netrunnerdb.com/en/card/

Hidden Assets – Ep. 6 {Near Earth Hub vs. Iain Connections}


Hidden Assets: In the version of the deck Nick plays above, I believe he has 3x Tri-Maf and 2x Underworld Contacts.

Hidden Assets: 4:11. I mean, of course, "double advance" the breaking news, not triple :P