Sabaton – counterstrike lyrics

Sabaton – counterstrike lyrics 67 trained them

[Verse 1]

Kickstart fighter launch

Throttle set to full

Speed king, race to win

Afterburners roaring

Ghostlike counterstrike

Takes them unexpectedly

Score 307

Israelis rule the paradise

Jordan attacks Israel

Crush that futile attempt

Control Jerusalem

[Verse 2]

Drive back surprise attack

Go ahead and take Western Wall

Following day make sure they are pay

Over River Jordan

Syria last lined up

Mind for Golan Heights

Strike with no warning

Begin to see the Syria forces falling

Syria attacked

Israel crushed their lines of defence

Ruling the Golan Heights


6 times of fire, one day of sleep

June ’67 trained them respect

Control Jerusalem


Sabaton – counterstrike lyrics 307    

Israelis rule the3 nations fallen in 6 times of war

Traitorous neighbours, received as deserved

On the planet within the dust from the war

1 nation standing more powerful than ever before

First into Egypt and sent these to hell

Then came back their forces to Jordan

Ascend the mountain tops, where Syria awaits

Break them in hrs, safeguard Holy Land


6 times of fire, one day of sleep

June ’67 trained them respect

Control Jerusalem

6 times of fire, one day of sleep

June ’67 trained them respect

Control Jerusalem

Sabaton – counterstrike lyrics received as deserved    

On the

sabaton counterstrike


Ethan Finley: Long Live Israel!

Joshua Plotkin: you lost. badly. then again in 73. your capital actually came under Israeli attack. you launched a surprise invasion that ended with Israeli's shelling your capital. epic fail.

Twiisted OG: Amru Hamdi I yet havent realised from where you are but you know that the whole world is against you right?If you guys take the thing too far then the ww3 will start.And there is not doubt that some nukes will fall.sooooooo we will basically all die…so no one will win.

Ben Weissman: This should be the Israeli national anthem

Ahornblatt2000: June 67 taught them respect.Yeah it's the only language the Arab fuckers understand

wabblum99: Only language the jew supremacist scumbags understand to.

Ahornblatt2000: +wabblum\nWannna try?

Jeremy M: I watched a documentary about the Six Days War, and I realized that Arab nations can never win a real war against any Western nation, so now they must resort to terrorism.

Kokunos Kos: definition of terrorism:\nTerrorism is the use of violence or threats by violence in order to intimidate the enemy and reach political goals. Terrorist acts are mostly civilians. Terrorist methods include assassinations, bombings, abductions of persons or transport, and other violent acts.\n\nRioting crowd is not a terrorism. ;)

kubajzl4: It seems impossible, but they did it 🙂 They've protected their land against 3 nations 🙂 But Europe states fell, when 1 nation atacked!!…. Repect :)