The 2017 counter-strike: global offensive espn esports homepage

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Visit: ESL Pro League – NA ESL Pro League – EU ELeague ECS – NA ECS – EU CS:GO Majors and tournaments Esports Calendar

ESL Pro League – NA

Standings updated after every day of competition. Recaps updated weekly.

The United States – Standings

* = Qualified for Season 5 finals

TeamPointsMatch Record
*SK Gaming 54 18-6
*Team Liquid 51 17-7
*Immortals 51 17-7
*NRG Esports 42 15-9
*Cloud9 45 15-9
*OpTic Gaming 42 14-10
Luminosity Gaming 39 13-11
Counter Logic Gaming 39 13-11
Renegades 39 13-11
Misfits 36 12-12
compLexity Gaming 18 6-18
Hurry 6 2-22
The Building Blocks 3 1-23


NA EPL W10: Regular season from the NA EPL ends with SK in charge, Immortals, Liquid directly behind

NA EPL W9: Tight finish arriving Week 10 of United States ESL Pro League

NA EPL W8: NRG Esports gains ground in Week 8

NA EPL W7: Cloud9, Team Liquid close gap on SK Gaming in ESL Pro League

NA EPL W6: SK Gaming not infallible in NA EPL Week 6

NA EPL W5: Team Liquid springs leaks in ESL Pro League play

NA EPL W4: Cloud9 and Misfits visit triple overtime in CS:GO NA EPL

NA EPL W3: SK Gaming leads those in The United States after Cloud9 loss

NA EPL W2: Underdogs surprise with wins against top-tier teams

NA EPL W1: OpTic, SK lead ESL Pro League after Week 1

ESL Pro League – EU

Standings updated after every day of competition. Recaps updated weekly.

Europe – Standings

* = Qualified for Season 5 finals

TeamPointsMatch Record
*North 57 19-7
*G2 Esports 42 16-10
*mousesports 48 16-10
*Fnatic 45 15-11
*Natus Vincere 42 14-12
*Team EnVyUs 42 14-12
Daunt Clan 42 14-12
Astralis 42 14-12
Heroic 36 12-14
Ninjas in Pyjamas 36 12-14
Team LDLC 33 11-15
Hellraisers 30 10-16 27 9-17
Team Kinguin 18 6-20


EU EPL W10: EU ESL Pro League finalists set following regular season

EU EPL W9: Week 9 shifts standings in European ESL Pro League play

EU EPL W8: Astralis takes hit see how to avoid week

EU EPL W7: After week away, European teams return into form

EU EPL W6: Astralis, North popularity in Week 6

EU EPL W5: North ruthlessly maintains dominance

EU EPL W4: Ninjas in Pyjamas get first wins in CS:GO EU EPL

EU EPL W3: The Plow pressed the heavens towards the limit in EU EPL Week 3

EU EPL W2: Fnatic spectacular against G2 Esports

EU EPL W1: Ride week for Astralis as EU ESL Pro League begins

CS:GO Majors and tournaments

ELeague Major 2017

The month of january 22 – The month of january 29

ELeague 2017 Major Final Standings

first Astralis
3rd Fnatic
fourth SK Gaming
fifth-eighth Natus Vincere
fifth-eighth Gambit Esports
fifth-eighth North
fifth-eighth Daunt Clan


Astralis’ Xyp9x: ‘Just amazing’ to experience under gla1ve and the leadership

It’s Astralis time: the ELeague Major playoffs preview

Natus Vincere’s Protector: ‘It might be our time’

Astralis peaking in the proper time in ELeague Major


Astralis wins ELeague Major in electrifying style

Astralis and advance towards the ELeague grand finals advances to semis after 13-round streak

Fnatic, SK Gaming, Astralis yet others advance to ELeague playoffs and Natus Vincere lead those at EL Major

Competition tightens for bracket spots in the ELeague Major and GODSENT impress at ELeague Major First Day

IEM Katowice 2017

March 3-5

ELeague 2017 Major Final Standings

first Astralis
second Daunt Clan
3rd-fourth Heroic
3rd-fourth Immortals
fifth-sixth Natus Vincere
fifth-sixth North


Finals: Astralis conquers IEM Katowice in nailbiting finals

Semifinals: Astralis and Daunt sweep to achieve grand finals at IEM Katowice

Quarterfinals: Immortals, Astralis achieve IEM Katowice semifinals

Day 2: North, Heroic and Na’Vi get free from Group B at IEM Katowice

First Day: Daunt, Immortals, Astralis all advance with 4-1 records at IEM Katowice

Preview: What you ought to learn about CS:GO at IEM Katowice


Not far off.


Standings updated after every day of play. Recaps updated weekly.

ECS The United States standings

TeamPointsMatch record
Cloud9 39 13-5
SK Gaming 39 13-5
Team Liquid 36 12-6
OpTic Gaming 33 11-7
Counter Logic Gaming 30 10-8
Immortals 27 9-9
NRG Esports 27 9-9
Renegades 21 7-11
Luminosity Gaming 15 5-13
GHOST 3 1-17



The fight for second gets hotter in the CS:GO United States ECS


ECS teams make the most of missing adversaries

NA ECS W2: Counter Logic Gaming makes statement in ECS

NA ECS W1: Team Liquid and Renegades in dominant form at ECS


Standings updated after every day of play. Recaps updated weekly.

ECS Europe standings

TeamPointsMatch record
Daunt Clan 42 14-4
Astralis 36 12-6
G2 Esports 36 12-6
Fnatic 33 11-7
Ninjas in Pyjamas 27 9-9
Team EnVyUs 27 9-9
mousesports 24 8-10
GODSENT 18 6-12 15 5-13
Team Dignitas 12 4-14


EU ECS W4: EU ECS Week 4 puts G2 and mousesports on the top

EU ECS W3: The chase for Astralis is on in EU ECS

EU ECS W2: Daunt Clan uses perfect week to vault up standings

EU ECS W1: G2 rallies to strong start at ECS