Esl one hamburg may be the first dota 2 major tournament for 2017-18

Esl one hamburg may be the first dota 2 major tournament for 2017-18 re very proud

ESL has announced that ESL One Hamburg, the biggest Dota 2 throwdown in Europe, would be the first official Valve Major for that 2017-18 season. It will likewise function as the initial Dota tournament to become held underneath the new format announced recently, when Valve revealed intends to scrap the prior Major system in support of directly sponsoring more third-party tournaments.

ESL One Hamburg might find the very best eight Dota 2 teams on the planet square off for any share of the $a million prize pool, in addition to qualification points for 2018 edition from the Worldwide. Two teams participating is going to be asked directly, as the rest will fight for placement in online qualifiers in South and north America, Southeast Asia, China, Europe, and also the Commonwealth of Independent States.

"We’re very proud to determine ESL One be named the official Valve Major," ESL senior v . p . of product Ulrich Schulze stated. "Getting ESL One Frankfurt for 3 years consecutively would be a great chance to learn that demonstrated us how passionate the Dota 2 community is. With this particular year’s first class Dota 2 event being in a brand-new location, we’re looking to mint many new legendary esports moments in Hamburg."

ESL One Hamburg will run October 28-29 in the Barclaycard Arena. Before everything comes The Worldwide 2017, that will go lower August 7-12 in the KeyArena in San antonio. We have had a rundown of all of the teams participating (China and Ocean, and America, Europe, and CIS), and some handy spectating strategies for newcomers that you simply certainly should not miss if this sounds like the first time watching the large show.

Esl one hamburg may be the first dota 2 major tournament for 2017-18 event being inResourse:
Esl one hamburg may be the first dota 2 major tournament for 2017-18 going to be asked

ESL One Hamburg 2017


MerlionTV: noooooooooo DOTA 🙁 i was so happy because i thought it would be cs :(((((

MerlionTV: im from flensburg and hamburg would have been great. Cologne is waaaay too far away :(\nESL please make ESL ONE Hamburg 2018 CS happen!

julian scr: Pls do a Cs major in Hamburg, in don't want to travel to cologne

Alex S.: Hamburg sucks..Bremen is better :D

Jimmijones: Das beste an Bremen ist die Autobahn nach Hamburg ;)

Alex S.: +Jimmijones Uralter witz..ich habe letzten nen Hamburger auto mit werder aufkleber gesehn..der hats richtig gemacht! :D

Mikasa: Dota in 2017 lul

RtP TesaToX x3: The moment you said germany's beautifulst City, I knew it will be Hamburg .

RtP TesaToX x3: +leftz – Food Reviews and Gaming sorry was working and didn't checked what I'm going to post. \nIn the video before this one, there they said they will go this year not to Frankfurt, they will go to mist beautiful city of Germany 

leftz – Food Reviews and Gaming: Ohh okay