3000 + games on dragon dark night here’s my build/ama! : dota2

3000 + games on dragon dark night here's my build/ama! : dota2 fast in

The primary ideas I’d break lower into 3 areas

  1. Avoid to return to base unless of course necessary remain in lane whenever possible have less mana call a clearness health call a tango/salve.
  2. Objectives, you’re the tower pushing dragon that treant protector has nightmares about. Continually be searching for an opportunity to push lower a tower either solo or together with your team.
  3. Make use of your mana having a purpose in your mind. Fire breath for faster push in order to secure last hits and remember that 35% dps reduction it will so use at the beginning of the battle. If there exists a weak late game I attempt to obtain the team to group behind me once we bypass and go ahead and take other teams towers.

If there exists a more powerful late game I still attempt to push towers alone or using the team but it’s much less of the priority, you need to reach level 20 and obtain that 120 GPM talent and relax and allow the money flow.

If my safelane does well I’ll inquire if he wants me to push his tower presuming I already required mid. Then i offer mid to my offlaner. If my HC states no I ask my offlaner if he really wants to push the tower in the lane he’ll agree most likely and we’ll go ahead and take tower when we cant I’ll trade lanes with him and allow him to get caught up in mid.

If both of them are doing poorly we have to 5 man and try taking some towers, the sport is within critical condition and we must act fast in order to save it take towers and gain gold when they contest fight them if at all possible.

If safe is within bad shape i either switch lanes with him or attempt to gank his lane. If mid didn’t work well we have to group and push unless of course side lanes won

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