Dragon dark night build guide dota 2: steel wins battles, gold wins wars (7.06)


  • Tango (Shared). Kindly request your supports for a couple of.

Other common beginning products:

  • Shadow Fiend and .
  • Skywrath Mage, and Power Treads, Breathe Fire to be able to jungle and push for a quick Armlet.


    By fifteen minutes, you need to have Ice Blast, Venomancer and Blink Dagger or Heaven’s Halberd and Silver Edge. Should you built Phantom Assassin, or Heart of Tarrasque. Buy this if you are the primary tank / initiator and also the opponents has huge magic damage, since armor does not reduce it. This synergizes well with Armlet because the HP drain becomes minimal.

  • Phantom Assassin, may also be countered by . An underrated pickup on Davion. This solves your mana problems and not directly enables you to tankier by shutting lower point target disables that may cripple you late game.

When the game goes late, I would suggest you dedicate slots accordingly: Boots, Mobility Item (i.e., Blink Dagger, Shadow Blade, Pressure Staff), Armlet, BKB, Durability Item (AC, Heart, Satanic, Skadi), Damage Item (Daedalus, MKB).


Should you die in dragon form while transporting Aegis, you will not respawn in dragon form. Consider activating your BKB and dragon form Once you respawn. That method for you to initiate, take in a lot of spells, die, pop BKB and ult, watching your enemies be sad.


Resourse: https://dotafire.com/dota-2/guide/

Tanky Build Radiance + Heart Dragon Knight by MidOne 7.06 Dota 2


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