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Dragon dark night ii for msx (1991) - mobygames Enter Takeru Yamato
Strawberry Fields – a magic country populated almost solely by beautiful youthful women (that’s, when we don’t count the Wise Old Man and a few other male exceptions). All went well within this peaceful place, before the evil witch Mesaana kidnapped a few of the country’s lovely occupants and placed a curse upon them, turning them into hideous monsters. Enter Takeru Yamato (that you might termed as Desmond, the hero of Knights of Xentar), a youthful adventurer who is actually in Strawberry Fields in those days. Takeru is told that to be able to take away the curse one must find three sacred writings, hidden deep within three harmful dungeons. Appears like employment for the adventurer – especially since the saved women will most likely be very grateful!

Dragon Dark night II may be the predecessor to Knights of Xentar, the only real Dragon Dark night game which was ever converted into British. This can be a first-person game that’s mainly focused on dungeon exploring. Takeru has look around the three dungeons, fighting opponents and often speaking to dungeon occupants. The opponents would be the women who have been switched into monsters by Mesaana. Around, Takeru may also buy weapons, armor, and products, and speak with various people.

Dragon dark night ii for msx (1991) - mobygames of Xentar    , the only realResourse: http://mobygames.com/game/
Dragon dark night ii for msx (1991) - mobygames for the adventurer

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