Dragon knights of valeria – get compensated to experience! btc/ltc/html5/hyper/gp/moon/rbies

Dragon Knights of Valeria – The Sport That Pays You To Definitely Play!

About Dragon Knights of Valeria

Dragon Knights of Valeria (https://dknight2.com) is a well-liked Mmog game with more than 2,300 registered players. Players can earn DOGE, HYPER, GP, HTML5, MOON, BTC, LTC, RBIES and Dragon Points (DP) because they take part in the game which could then be traded for approximately 8 different cryptocurrencies (CC) and withdrawn in game. The creator, Anarchist of Crypto Database (http://cryptodatabase.internet), can also be accountable for curating a CC library that catalogs over 1,600 different coins and supplies information for every one.

Once inside the field of Dragon Knights of Valeria players can explore the map looking for new towns, fight monsters for rewards and DP, and do quests which award DP for every part completed. Each town offers its very own group of equipment, pets, quests, exchanges, gambling, banks, clans, and diverse other available choices.

Players can seize control of their Kingdom where they are able to build villages, purchase more land, gather sources for example wood and fish, upgrade their fishing and woodcutting levels to improve the amounts acquired, and train their very own army after they achieve level 10. You are able to send your soldiers to fight other players kingdoms hoping of taking more land, gold, and DP out of your opponent.

The present choices for withdrawal in the game are HYPER, HTML5Coin, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Mooncoin, Dogecoin, Rubies, and GoldPieces. The quantity that players can withdraw depends upon the gold coin they choose and it is mainly in line with the coin’s worth and game balance.

The quests in game tell a brief story and therefore are damaged up into many parts. Each area of the story requires players to visit over the map looking for the following part, and every one which they find will give them a break with a few Dragon Points and/or any other products for example gold or pets (not far off). You will find presently 19 primary quests and 20 town quests.

The utmost level that may be acquired is presently over 1,000. This might take players a lengthy time for you to gain this tremendous achievement which increases the time period of the sport. Because the player progresses hanging around the knowledge needed per level can get greater and greater.

Dragon Knights of Valeria includes a chat rain bot that at random awards a person HTML5, HYPER, BTC, LTC, MOON, DOGE, RBIES, and GP every ten minutes should they have published in chat in the last 50 posts. Players may also spend the money for Dark Wizard to cast a Meteor Spell that will split that which you donated and send it to three random individuals chat.

Supported Currencies
Bitcoin – BTC
Litecoin – LTC
GoldPieces – GP
Mooncoin – MOON
Dogecoin – DOGE
Rubies – RBIES

Game Features
In the realm of the Dragon Knights of Valeria you are able to explore the map fighting over 150 different monsters, construct your own Kingdom, fight other players for gold, dominate other players land, outfit your character using the best weapons the sport offers, complete quests for every city, create and join Clans, plus much more!

Bitcoin BTC – Crypto Database
Litecoin LTC – Crypto Database, jagrapolite5
HTML5coin – Kernik, Marlenac, jagrapolite5
Coin2 C2 – KingArbinV
GoldPieces GP – HYPERfuture
BitSwift Quick – bitswift
Dogecoin DOGE – Crypto Database
Rubies RBIES – Rango
Flappycoin FLAP – Menlatin

Game Staff
Anarchist – Developer, Customer Care

We value your opinion and also hear what there are here in regards to this game. For those who have recommendations for the sport please send them an email in my experience at admin@cryptodatabase.internet or publish on the original thread found here,

If you’d like to give towards the game to keep it running please make use of the addresses below. 100% of coins donated or earned by DK 2. they fit into the game in a single form or any other.

HYPER – HB9bkNQkVaHZ5muudwiTDWtgeANxBwNCZg
HTML5Coin – HAGmSSvu94jPyLzsUB7Wq8ZmoRGmYZ1ELM
GoldPieces – GST1z1UtUqkjrDAcmBRHQJAbehHYtmRVqw
Bitcoin – 1Fsb6ddMwebYinpsbn1DMSKBGaaJyGNufB
Litecoin – LTqJBkDptNfcAjgj38AXRWLy9KhgCUFgxM
Rubies – RKusBA6H7Hxt74LqJT2p7BzAzfCxBa4xLf
Mooncoin – 2ReXBt2xQcTmFYiFnGZXnwDg5vnSjuq5uK
Dogecoin – DNDb1uhd6kZw6jehQ75JRvF5T78NyUu1ot

*Withdrawals are processed when payments for the faucets venture out.

Makingmoneyhoney for supplying monster images for DK.
whywetrance for supplying the Dragon Points, Gold, Experience, Shop, Pets, and much more images.

Dregs – 2,200 GP

Resourse: https://bitcointalk.org/