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(Click to determine abilities and all sorts of passives you’ll need for min/max DPS)

Dual Wield (primary damage bar)

  • Steel Tornado (AoE Direct Damage morph of Whirlwind) – Our primary type of AoE damage for trash pulls and boss fights with adds.  This factor hits hard, and is constantly on the grow in damage according to missing health.  Use this when you will find 4 or even more targets inside a 9 meter radius.
  • Venomous Claw (Single Target Us dot morph of Searing Strike) – The Stamina DK’s class Us dot, this factor is really a animal.  It grows in power depending on how lengthy it’s been up, so make certain you won’t ever reapply this before ten seconds have passed.  It lasts 10.5, only deals damage by 50 percent second times, meaning when 10s has transpired, you should attempt and reapply it.  It may also be put on numerous targets! This could be empowered through the Cruel Flurry enchant.
  • Rapid Strikes (Single Target Funnel morph of Flurry) – The primary spammable of the build, this ability is excellent by itself.  When combined with Maelstrom Daggers this instantly becomes the main reason Stamina Dragonknights would be the #1 single target DPS in game.  Make certain to make use of this before each Us dot application, to empower it!
  • Swap towards the Bloodthirst morph if you want the additional healing in solo performance or maybe you’re running with new players.
  • Poisonous Breath (Conal Us dot morph of Fiery Breath) – A very undervalued skill that does greater than you would think.  The only supply of AoE relevant Major Fracture, this shreds the armor associated with a target hit by 5280, supplying a massive damage boost.  On surface of that, the Us dot it offers is very potent in cleave situations, although it is quite lack luster in Single Target application.  This could be empowered through the Cruel Flurry enchant, but I don’t recommend it, because it only pertains to one target hit.
  • ALT SLOT  Rending Slashes (Single Target Us dot morph of dual Slashes) – A good Us dot ability that may be put on numerous targets, which makes it quite nice.  It’s usually among the less strong DoTs within our package, but it’s still certainly worth maintaining.  This could be empowered through the Cruel Flurry enchant.  Swap for this over Poisonous on single target fights.
  • Deadly Cloak (AoE Us dot + Buff morph of Blade Cloak) – A great resource of defense for Stamina builds, lowering incoming AoE damage by 20%, and offering some nice AoE burst damage every 3 seconds.
  • [Ultimate] Perfect Dawnbreaker (Conal Direct Damage + Us dot morph of Dawnbreaker) – Although this is a good damage ultimate, we’ll rarely cast it.  Our primary ultimate is on the other bar and it is so effective the only time you need to ever cast this is where the battle will finish an email psychic reading other ultimate up.  We slot this mainly for that 8% Weapon damage passive bonus.  This could be empowered through the Cruel Flurry enchant.
  • Bow (more DoTs!)

    • Rearming Trap (Single Target Us dot morph of Trap Animal) – An very efficient and effective ability.  Place this at the ft and something that walks into it will require hefty Us dot, in addition to empowering you with Minor Pressure for that duration.  After the very first application ends, it’ll rearm, so try to keep mobs within it.  This could be empowered through the Cruel Flurry enchant.
    • Poison Injection (Single Target Us dot morph of Poison Arrow) –  A pretty legit Us dot that will get much more damage potential around 50% and below. It’s operationally worth maintaining 100% from the fight, and so i usually begin a battle having a fully billed heavy attack which for many decent initial damage.  Paired with Maelstrom Daggers I have seen this crit for 30k plus on low health targets. This can be empowered through the Cruel Flurry enchant.
    • Endless Hail (AoE Us dot morph of Volley) – Probably the most impressive skills hanging around when combined with the Maelstrom Bow, this ability easily finds its means by the very best 3 damage dealing skills on parses when used correctly.  Each tick ramps in power using the Maelstrom Bow enchant, so make certain to help keep this up constantly!  Cast this when Poison Injection has ~2s left on it’s duration.
    • Resolving Vigor (AoE HoT morph of Vigor) – Offered more like a utility slot, a kind of defensive capacity is preferred here.  Vigor is my visit slot, as it’s an excellent self and group heal whenever you hit allies by using it.  While you will not solo heal any trials by using it, you can preserve yourself up through some brutal punishment.
    • Flames of Oblivion (Self Buff + Us dot morph of Inferno) – Passively acquired from slotting this ability comes Major Savagery, a tenPercent Weapon critical increase.  While this really is great initially glance, this really is rather redundant since we’ll be utilising Weapon Critical potions.  The ingredient of the skill deals an very heavy hitting shot to some nearby enemy every 5 seconds, for as many as 3 occasions.  Does great single target damage if your Magicka DK is within group running Engulfing Flames.  You can treat this like a flex place if you would like.


    The Brutal Butcher – Non Vet Stamina Dragonknight PvP Build

    Video COMMENTS:

    xAngoryx: Is this still viable with One Tamriel?

    TC: Yeah once you unlock it on one character it can be used account-wide, no matter the level of specific Characters. He would have completed vMA on a vet character.

    Silvcry: TC. cheers mate :)

    SpicyMango007: THE BEGINNING OMG XD

    Jules Timmermans: +nogood name399 It's called Champion points, skill and lots of experience playing.

    TalentedNoob1 PS4: +Jules Timmermans and gear

    Tyler Moerer: can you do a short update video now that one tamriel is out @deltiagaming

    Brandon Mead: igneous shields doesn't proc the passive unless you are in combat.

    Fabio Nexus: is this build still good for the current meta? or what new gear you suggest?

    Paradox Oblivion: Which points most are you gonna put into Attributes??