How you can play a dragon dark night in elder scrolls online: 12 steps

How you can play a dragon dark night in elder scrolls online: 12 steps the killing blow
Choose your role within the group. The precise role that the Dragon Dark night plays inside a group is sort of determined by your decision in play style. How you need to play, what role you need to fulfill, determines what abilities and skills you select, so contemplate it carefully after which commit as well as you are able to to become effective.

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  • Damage dealers spend the discomfort but dodge or block attacks whenever possible. They do not always want the enemy’s attention, however they want to manage the killing blow. Two-handed weapons along with a healthy stamina pool are great for damage dealers. Damage dealers should utilize the Ardent Flame skill tree.
  • Tanks should draw the enemy’s attention after which have a beating, allowing other group people to manage the harm. Tanks are an essential part associated with a MMO group, so bring your role seriously. Sword and shield may get better because of tanks, because it enables for much better blocking. The most crucial factor for any tank, however, is a serious quantity of health. Tanks should utilize the Draconic Power skill tree.
  • Supports concentrate on protecting the party, by not just dealing damage but additionally by supplying protection. An assistance uses the audience buff abilities underneath the Earthen Heart skill tree, combined with the tactical defense from the other players, to be able to assist the whole group be effective.


Elder Scrolls Online Dragonstar Arena Basics Guide


khati eso: great video again, i really love how well put together this is!

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