Stamina dragonknight build (pvp) — sypher’s gaming: elder scrolls online builds, tips, and guides.

Stamina dragonknight build (pvp) — sypher's gaming: elder scrolls online builds, tips, and guides. One-Hands and


Body: 5 Heavy Armor 1 Medium 1 Light (Undaunted 9)
Shoulders/Helm: 2 Piece Bloodstream Spawn Trait: Impenetrable.
Chest/Mitts/Belt/Pants/Footwear: Black Rose – Trait: Impenetrable.


x3 Agility Jewellery

2-Handed Maelstrom 2h: Trait: Protecting

One Hands + Shield: 2 Piece Morkulden (Sharpened Sword + Impen Shield)

(Recommend undaunted sets: Bloodstream Spawn Engine Protector)

Set Of Skills-up:

2-Handed Bar:

Poisonous Breath (Morph of Fiery Breath)
Critical Hurry (Morph of Critical Charge)
Reverse Slice (Morph of Reverse Slash)
Rally (Morph of Momentum)
Volatile Armor (Morph of Spiked Armor)
Corrosive Armor (Morph of Magma Armor)

One-Hands and Shield Bar:
Heroic Slash (Morph of Low Slash)
Reverberating Party (Morph of Power Slam)
Resolving Vigor (Assault)
Igneous Shield (Morph of Obsidian Shield)
Dawnbreaker of Smiting (Morph of Dawnbreaker)
Shuffle (Morph of Evasion)




Stamina Dragonknight DPS/TANK PvP Build – ESO | SypherPK


speeeztv: damn yall have no chill\n\neveryone's a copyright infringement lawyer all of a sudden

BabyButterJesus: What about the passives?

CoDKinG104: "Fucking nail…video ends"

DeX De HeX: what about vamp or werewolf ? does it not matter or help at all ?

Jaybe Mawfaka: What my build is doing here

AverageJo3Gam3r: Nice video. Only thing you should have mentioned is how much better this build is with a master's sword + ransack. Combined with vitality pots + major mending, not looking forward to facing this build on console in a few weeks.

E-bEaSt-760: #Sypherpk

E-bEaSt-760: @SypherPk

Deceiver Gaming: Where's the gameplay for the last two builds? or at least this one? without a spammable attack i'm wondering how you play it.

Clorox Bleach: Strongest class in the game. Some people say nightblade people they think strength is measured by DPS purely. Stamdk doesn't need to rely on a single ability to save their asses like cloak, shields, etc. Sure their damage is not like a nightblade but they outperform nightblades by their tankiness, heals, and their sustain with health/resources. Not going to lie, this class is so overpowered that I get kind of bored with this game from time to time.