Coding for the following century – haxe/openfl game maker, forge of empires – jobs – openfl community

Coding for the following century - haxe/openfl game maker, forge of empires - jobs - openfl community Shape the success story of

Are you currently the Haxe/OpenFL developer who’ll enforce our Haxe team and brings the sport Forge of Empires to another century?

You’ll drive the introduction of additional features on client-side in addition to maintain and enhance the current code in our most effective game. You’ll begin working on the HTML5 browser client according to Haxe/OpenFL. You’ll improve existing and begin developing additional features. Take the understanding of code quality and software engineering concepts to supply the very best consumer experience for the players.

Your mission:
• Develop new and improve existing game-features in Haxe/OpenFL
• Working in close collaboration with Backend Developers, Game Design and QA
• Ensure top quality in our source code through reviews, unit-tests and use of clean code
• Actively lead towards the whole feature development lifecycle

Your profile:
• Several many years of relevant professional experience, ideally in game development
• Passionate developer with profound understanding in object-oriented programming
• Solid experience of Unit Testing, Design Patterns, Code-Reviews
• Familiar with agile methodologies like Scrum and Kanban
• Team player and good communicator with fluent British vocabulary skills

Why come along?
• Shape the success story of InnoGames having a great group of driven experts within an worldwide culture
• Competitive compensation as well as an atmosphere to empower creativity and powerful results
• Exceptional benefits varying from perfect moving support to company gym, smartphone or tablet of your choice for private use, roof terrace with BBQ plus much more

Coding for the following century - haxe/openfl game maker, forge of empires - jobs - openfl community to maintain

Do you want to end up part of an engaged team and act as a Haxe/ OpenFL Game Maker within our new mobile game. Only then do we expect to receiving the application (resume cover letter, CV and references) along with your salary expectations and earliest possible beginning date through our online form at Your hr person with this job offers are Cagla Toksoy.

InnoGames, located in Hamburg, is among the leading developers and publishers of internet games using more than 150 million registered players all over the world. Presently, greater than 400 individuals from 30 nations will work in Hamburg and Düsseldorf. We’ve been characterised by dynamic growth since the organization began in 2007. To be able to further expand our success and also to realize new projects, we’re constantly searching for youthful talents, experienced professionals, and inventive thinkers.

Coding for the following century - haxe/openfl game maker, forge of empires - jobs - openfl community Solid experience of Unit Testing

Forge of Empires – Summer Event


Magique Fonts: So the trend is being kept up…\nOne of the best (if not the only) events of the game is now ruined.\nYou say we get new fancy sets, that are the best prizes? You lie, they're not worth their sizes at all.\nYou say in previous years, there were no gold prizes on every wheel so now you distribute them by one on each? You lie, the vast majority of the wheels had golden prizes with 4(!) in each. So now you basically quartered the amount of worthy prizes.\nYou say you lowered the amount of unwanted prizes like coin and supply packs? Cool, now instead we get boostes and motivate packs which are even worse. Not to mention the ridiculous amount of decos… But hey, at least they can rot in our inventory…\nOh and I almost forgot, you disabled the tickets appearing in the wilderness. So basically we have an overall lower chance to get the lowered amount of worthy prizes. What a great compensation!\nThat's the way to kill the game, Inno!

VPLewr: More sets, more frustration in not completing them. :(

Mad Mardigan 766: Not A troll Riiiggghhhttt…. that's why, I am sitting with incomplete set pieces, from other crap events like this 1… feel free to blow smoke up someone elses tail pipe bud… ain't buying it…

VPLewr: I kind of agree with "Not A troll" on this one, I finished my sets in 4 days. Plenty of time and tickets to get your sets done! Much easier than i expected. Don't give up ;)

Emanuel Azua: what the forge!!!

jedihq1: Thi is so hot!

N3WBIESKI11Z: What's her full name?I have a foot fetish and would like to see hers!

Arthur Haverkamp: Pretty cool guys! Another nice feature.Love this game!!\n\n And to all the haters below me…you can always stop if you don't like it. Nobody gains anything from your complaints.


Kamil Zuber: JA TEŻ !