Foe city planner – city planning tool for forge of empires game

Foe city planner - city planning tool for forge of empires game To cancel choice of

    Foe city planner - city planning tool for forge of empires game of

the screen

  • There’s two modes within the planner – selection and construction, and you may switch together

    with corresponding buttons. The development mode may be the default.

  • Construction mode reveals construction menu. It’s the list with all of available structures, sorted

    by type (you may choose concrete type by hitting corresponding buttons) by age.

  • City territory has same shape as hanging around. Some areas are locked. You have to add expansions

    to unlock new territory. To get this done, select corresponding option within the Construction menu.

  • To include new building towards the city – click the item in construction menu, slowly move the mouse within the

    preferred location, click on the left computer mouse button again. You can preserve adding same building/road

    before you select another city entity or cancel the procedure.

  • To maneuver your building into the spotlight – click the building, then perform similar steps like when

    you place the brand new one.

  • To cancel choice of your building – either click right computer mouse button or hit Esc around the


  • To delete your building – click the building striking Delete/Backspace around the keyboard
  • To maneuver the map – press and hold left computer mouse button and begin moving. You are able to perform this course of action

    when some building is chosen too.

  • To alter map scale – either use mouse wheel or corresponding buttons around the toolbar.
  • You are able to hide the graphics of structures to higher locate unused space and appearance street

    connections. There’s a control button with this action around the toolbar.

  • Selection mode enables you to access information and settings of concrete building. You’ll be able

    to create the amount of great structures, chronilogical age of bonus structures, production option and the quantity of

    collections for production and residential structures.

  • Make sure you save the progress every so often. Confirmation can look at the end of

    the screen once the city continues to be effectively saved.

Foe city planner - city planning tool for forge of empires game collections for production

Forge of Empires – City Layout Tutorial


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Jo: Biggest BS ever, ALL WRONG with how you think city layout in these types of games.\n1. Never put TH in corner, use space all around it.\n2. Never put roads into the edge of map\n3. Always try to put BIG buildings on the edge

Oktan Rasprodirajući: While I agree with 2 and 3, I don't agree with 1. It's just logical to put big buildings on the edge and place the road where you can use both sides of it (and I would add even a row of decorations between edge and big buildings, but I guess they're only useful in the beginning).\nWhen I created my layout I was searching online tips and found everywhere that TH must be in the middle. Problem is you can't touch a TH with any building, so you loose all the space around it as well. Also, it's a large building and you need to build roads anyway, so why put it anywhere else but in the corner that can't be expanded.\nI'm a beginner in this game and might be wrong but would like to hear why if I am.

WildPhantomGaming: 3 contradicts 1. town hall is a big building, isnt it?

majqeee: bullshit, never follow this layout

jqbtube: That layout won't work … you've got 5 spaces between the road and the wilderness at the top, but nothing is 5 spaces tall.

Cetrus: I noticed that you put 5 spaces between the roads on your residential buidlings section, does that mean that there will be 1 square between the houses with free space?

Valkyrie Shepard: I would put pillars or other 1×1 decorations between the residentials in that case, keep the people happy and decorations don't require roads

WildPhantomGaming: No, you should never build decorations. while they do fill in gaps well, a polish on a decoration is a waste, because of the low low happiness.