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    Jun 2017

    Added Dune Legacy instead of Forge of Empires

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    Jun 2016

    Suggestion to include AD2460 instead of Forge of Empires was denied

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    February 2016

    Added Wildman Run-Jungle Tribes instead of Forge of Empires

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    February 2016

    Added Tentlan instead of Forge of Empires

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    August 2015

    Edited Forge of Empires

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Top 10 Games That Completely Rip Off Counter-Strike


Joaquim Vaz Pereira: i guess a game cant be a first person shooter without beeing a cod or cs knock off.

TheDarkestHour340: Well people on iOS or android like C-Ops is trying to let people play a game like csgo on mobile, as for the game in #1 is complete trash.

SavFX: Your right it can't thx for understanding

OrionnEntity: Wow, if i use your logic cs is a rip off of wolfenstein. It has guns..

Hara Mbe: not one is even close to be a rip-off lmao

-VN- TJchop: Kings Clan I fucking watch every video lmao, I play competitive C-Ops with Ex: DVNE members so I'm semi pro atm

Rizeyy: Kings Clan critical ops is so fucking easy and gay

Robin The Tactician: AVA aka that one game everyone owns to get a tf2 knife

minigunexo: That was like years ago in any case, STEAM ACHIEVEMENT MANAGER

KizXii: It's not a rip off if Valve approves of it?