Forge of empires – games by manuel correia


Come and play Forge of Empires! Seize control more than a city and be the best choice of the ambitious kingdom. Guide it with the ages, research technology, expand your empire and survive through a legendary story. Fight other players and prove your talent as king and warlord.


– Construct your city and evolve in the Stone Age to modern occasions (and beyond).

– Develop technology and uncover new structures and goods

– Produce supplies to fabricate goods

– Exchange your goods and do business with other people

– Uncover new territories and assume control from the provinces as well as their rewards

– Make use of your settlement or fight skills to consider over sector by sector

My role within the team would be to design, write and integrate quests. What this means is I’m also active in the occasions and also the I recieve to create the storyline for that approaching ages. Lately I began branching out into additional features, which aren’t released yet!


Forge of Empires Oceanic Future Part 1 Announcement


confirm gamer: can you do a hack.

Play FORGE OF BRs: Hello friend, I would like to ask you a favor, I have a channel on the forge, here in Brazil, I would like the opinion of someone outside about the translation of the subtitles, you could give me that strength.\nWatching the video, putting the subtitles for English translation, and see if you are understanding, and inform me, I'm waiting.\nI appreciate it.\nJulioPC