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Searching to know Medal Scoring in Forge of Empires PvP Towers? Your search is over. We’re here to assist. We’ve produced a Forge of Empires PvP Towers Guide which outlines the medal scoring in PvP Tournaments. This is actually the complete Forge of Empires PvP Towers Guide to enable you to know very well what is needed to advance in FOE.


What exactly are Medals?

Medals really are a reward for winning player versus player (PvP) tournaments. These tournaments are unlocked around the corresponding towers on the planet map. Each technological age has corresponding towers on the planet map. Unlock the province using the tower to determine the tournament statistics.

The primary reason for medals would be to unlock Victory Expansions (city extensions). The very first victory expansion is 10 medals, the second reason is 50 medals.

Like a growth and development of the sport progresses, they may also be used to buy blueprint bits of Great Structures.

Methods to gain medals:

  • Unlock negligence the continent (on the planet map) which contains it, then you’ve to battle and defeat other people to achieve points. Weekly, the tournament closes and winners acquire their medals, the quantity of which depends upon age the tower matches.
  • Winning battles and placing within the top ten from the tournaments.
  • Helping others develop their Great Structures.
  • From special structures that you could build in your area.
  • Building Great Structures – Colosseum, Deal Castle and Gaea Statue
  • From random rewards from quests.

Forge of Empires PvP Towers Guide: Medal Scoring

Forge of Empires PvP TowersForge of Empires PvP Towers

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