Forge of empires selecting units to fight first guide

Forge of Empires Selecting Units to fight First Guide by Surge

Surge here. I’ve come across lots of people complaining about how exactly the AI at random chooses whatever units will begin first inside your army throughout a fight. I discovered an answer with this. Please bear in mind it works Just with units of the identical speed value but of various tiers, while you would prefer to possess a Trebuchet go first than the usual Ballista you haven’t yet replace. Many people may know this trick, however, other medication is tied to it.

This really is all an easy process which requires a maximum of one minute.

1) First, you possess an army such as the picture below. I would like my Crossbowman to begin first to ensure that it’s high damage will get dished out first.

Exactly what a disorder!

2) See your campaign map, and choose a province. Pick a sector, and click on attack. Take it easy, as 99% of you know, it’ll prompt a confirmation that it enables you to definitely make final minute army set-up. Remove all your preferred units as with the screen shot below.

3) And lastly, simply choose the removed units and move it well to your army configuration! Units that lately have joined the military configuration goes first unless of course another unit includes a greater speed value. It ought to seem like this…

As well as for proof, this is a screen shot from the fight that ensues after!

Notes: It really works 80% of times if you’re doing the work within the city. Another 20% may be the chance the AI will randomize it all over again before you decide to confirm your attack. Should you choose it when you are within the city, take notice of the units shown on the attack confirmation box.

This may, however, work 100% of times if completed in the attack confirmation box.

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