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Forge of Empires – A Web-based Strategy Game playable inside your browser!

Good strategy games are what Forge of Empires means. Like a chieftain who founds his settlement anno 5000 B.C. within the Stone Age with nothing more than a couple of camping tents, it’s your task to exhibit your web strategy game skills and build up your city with the day of history within this browser based empire game. Prove your worthy ruler and lead your reign to glory. Join the very best empire building game now by constructing the first settlement in Forge of Empires!

Strategy Browser Games like Forge of Empires stick out

Forge of Empires (FOE) was printed this year because the newest strategy video game by InnoGames and it has since been probably the most effective browser-based games available. InnoGames, referred to as a writer of top quality titles like the strategy game Tribal Wars and also the Greek empire game Grepolis, is mixing proper game-play within an empire builder with excellent looks. But superior quality, however, isn’t the only factor unique about Forge of Empires: like several strategy games by InnoGames, an enormous community is promoting, getting players from around the globe together.

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Samanthao49: If I had found this video before I found the game Banish I would consider playing it, but compared to Banished the level of sophistication of FoE seems week and outdated.

BlueRains1321 Gosnell: I wish they make this for android

AngryOGITH: you Beginner.

Mad Miner Michael: Didnt even know there was a computer version of this

Richard Russom: The only thing I dislike about this game is how it takes months of real time to really get anywhere.

Mack Daddy: Nice

Patrick Carter: if u still play i would love to play with u

Undertale FanDog: Also 2017 anyone

Undertale FanDog: It's in beta because youtube says it was finished 2014 and this is 2012