9 easiest lol champions to understand

By Pete Haas

You will find more than 100 Lol champions. A number of them are actually poorly suitable for newcomers due to how complex they’re. You are best staying with simpler champions that allow you to focus rather on understanding the overall strategy and feel from the game.

These nine figures are ideal for newbies. Are all simple to play but additionally really effective. They are a terrific way to become accustomed to the sport and also the various roles you are able to occupy inside it. You might find yourself still with such figures even if you have been playing for several weeks or years.

Master Yi

Master Yi (Jungle)

Jungle is really a tricky role to understand but Master Yi has got the ultimate training tires. He is able to obvious camps rapidly and simply because of Alpha Strike and the healing ability Meditate. None of his abilities require aiming either so fighting other players is really a snap. He’s decent enough at ganking lanes, too, provided your team’s laner has some crowd control only at that disposal.

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DeadlyNinjaDrummer: TOP- Shen 1:10 , Nautilus 2:05\nJG- Amumu 2:54 , Volibear 3:36\nMID- Annie 4:21 , Morgana 5:00\nADC- Ashe 6:01 , Ezreal 6:50\nSUP- Soraka 7:40 , Leona 8:33

KidSterkz: RayVitoles its just because now he is in the meta ashe is slowly dying out

Arthur Gogo: RayVitoles captain teemo on duty, madter yi for life

Guilherme Keffer: Ezreal is not easy and most people just feed like hell and do no dmg at all.

Shredder2k: same goes for ashe

Soso Lobi: Guilherme Keffer true that ez aint ez but he is a very viable champ imo, he has good poke, escape, global ult and u can play him ad or ap. Lucian is a good adc as well and with quinn i rek everyone as well all my main adc's <3

foxdropLoL – Be a Better League Player: Sorry for such a late upload guys! I've been sleeping really weird hours recently (sometimes up to 14 hours a day) so I've been a little out of it… enjoy the video still, thanks for watching as always <3

Mr DreadMaan: Presiqn Qnkov I've played lol for a year now and in my opinion the easiest mid to play is Annie (my opinion only)

Blacknova REACT: foxdropLoL – Be a Better League Player \nit happen usually if you take dicks from behind. can sleep for days nigga.

😀 Raluxu: Zac, Sivir, Janna, lux and Garen could be there aswell :)