Lego ideas – lol of lego – the raid on baron nashor

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  • Description
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  • Official LEGO Comments 4
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The idea may be the Lego entertainment of notable components from the sport Lol, by Riot games.

In line with the responses concerning the formerly proven models, the ultimate idea of the work is: The Raid on Baron Nashor.

This idea recreates a really legendary moment of Lol game sessions, the epitome of working together: obtaining the Baron Nashor buff.

The idea of the set includes:
– Type of Baron Nashor
– 5 champions
– Atmosphere props (rocks, signposts, torches)
– 1 Vision ward

Let me thank all of the supporters who voted with this project, and those who helped to advertise this project.

UPDATE 2013-05-23:

Since most of the commenters have anticipated this for any lengthy time, I am which makes it official:
IT’S OVER 9000!

Lol is really a licensed product of Riot games.

Facebook page:

Summoner showcase feature:

Previous images in the project and greater resolutions:

Slightly modified form of the initial Baron model, using the surrounding atmosphere.
(Yes, the ward is really a recoloured bat)

The ultimate roster of champion minifigures.

Your building instructions for that concept model obtainable here:

Baron Nashor model

Atmosphere models

Baron construction video:


LEGO The Raid 2


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