‘mobile legends’ is a menace to tencent’s ‘league of legends’ – tencent holding limited. adr (otcmkts:tcehy)

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I made use of the Nox Android emulator to exhibit that Mobile Legends got recent patches/updates that included new graphics assets. Moonton is most likely modifying Mobile Legends, so Riot Games’ U.S. copyright violation complaint will probably be harder to demonstrate.

While it’s true the previous form of Mobile Legends looked nearly the same as Lol, Shanghai Moonton has progressively altered the graphics to distinguish it from Riot’s PC MOBA game.

Lol Versus Mobile Legends Graphics Comparison

It appears in my experience that Shanghai Moonton decompiled Lol and used exactly the same atmosphere textures on Mobile Legends. I don’t know. Possibly Shanghai Moonton has good game assets artists who only deliberately used Lol for "creative inspiration".

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Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) and Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOGL) (GOOGL) appear to favor Shanghai Moonton. Regardless of the situation filed by Riot Games in California a week ago, Mobile Legends continues to be offered at google’s Play Store and Apple’s iOS Application Store. However, both of these application store proprietors could just be awaiting a U.S. order from the court before they ban Mobile Legends.

Tencent can’t afford to allow Shanghai Moonton pull off Mobile Legends’ ongoing imitation of Lol. Tencent features its own British mobile MOBA game, Strike of Nobleman, that’s being beta-tested in Europe. Strike of Nobleman is obviously the British form of Tencent’s Recognition of Nobleman. Recognition of Nobleman (King of Glory) is really a rip-from Riot Games’ Lol.

In a nutshell, only Tencent can copy Lol. Tencent will sue other people who copy Lol. This ought to be a powerful reason behind us to remain lengthy Tencent. It’s willing to visit a courtroom fight to safeguard its gaming assets.

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SKT T1 Faker play "League of Legends Mobile"


GameLandVN: Official servers for King of Glory:\n➡ CN: pvp.qq.com\n➡ EU: sok.proximabeta.com\n➡ TW: moba.garena.tw\n➡ VN: lienquan.garena.vn

james adrian: GameLandVN when this other server are released in their country?

Ferushanda Ramadhan: james adrian pfffttt nanya disini…

流丶鸣: 我见过史上最傻逼的解说

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LOL player China: 流丶鸣 恶心。

Tedesco: Roses are red\nViolets are blue\nThe title is english\nfuck you

Leo h: i speak both english and chinese lol

Yao Qin: Tedesco LOL good poetry

PokéCenter: Try playing Vainglory instead of this obvious ripoff that steals the textures and models from League of Legends.