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5 QUICK TIPS TO RAISE YOUR ELO – League of Legends


Len Frantora: How many bronze players does it need to change a light bulb? None, they can't climb the ladder.

Hirttäjän Muistolle: Dino Gnar to indeed

Slothy Sloth: Len Frantora shut up

RememberTheBeat: I Use to be Gold V and I'm now silver 2, I also went 2/19 with Yasuo in ranked yesterday

okru: why

SnowySnake41: 7:10 "Communication" pushes them out of Nunu's ult

gabe marshall: How sad, I cry myself to sleep

Lazero360 Gaming: Maybe this was a example on what happens if you don't communicate =)

Jonathan Lee: Can I have a like for proudly admitting that I'm bronze V and garbage at this game…..

Gunrunking: My rank is Silver 5 but i see myself as Gold 10 but play like a Platinum 15