Reinstalling lol – riot games support

Here is a walkthrough from the fundamental procedure for installing Lol, together with common errors experienced when attempting to set up the sport on the Mac.


  • Open your "Applications" folder (press the command key+Shift+G, and paste in: /Applications/).
  • Drag Lol in the Applications folder towards the Rubbish Bin around the pier.
  • On top bar, click "Finder" and choose "Empty Trash…", then confirm emptying the garbage. At this time, you’ve uninstalled Lol and therefore are ready for any fresh install.

Installing Lol

  • After installing the installer from your website, locate the .dmg file inside your Downloads folder.
    (Within this example, we have downloaded the NA Mac Client)

  • Double click the .dmg and you’ll begin to see the following window appear

  • Drag Lol.application towards the Applications folder. Do


    run Lol.application out of this window.

  • Close the .dmg window
  • Navigate for your Applications folder, after which run Lol (Note: Don’t drag Lol towards the Dashboard). The patcher can look.

Common Errors

Players frequently run Lol.application in the window that seems when first mounting the .dmg.

Neglecting to drag Lol.application towards the Applications folder can lead to the next error:

Moving Lol.application towards the Applications folder just before launching the sport may prevent this error.

An email on Mac’s Situation-Sensitive File System

In some instances, should you download the sport from you might find the next error:

This occurs because of a problem using the Mac’s Situation-Sensitive File system. To ensure that the sport to operate, you will have to do the installation on the drive or partition which has a non-situation-sensitive file system.

Regrettably, Riot doesn’t support installations on situation-sensitive file systems at the moment. There might be an answer readily available for this problem from Apple support at some stage in the long run. This is a connect to their support page:


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