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Many of us here at Apex Minecraft Hosting believe that education is an integral part of just living a complete and happy existence. Previously, we’ve partnered with educational facilities and libraries included in our dedication to education within the classroom and the strength of Minecraft. This typically has developed in the type of backed social gatherings, class projects, and other alike programs and colleges, high schools, middle schools and libraries.

We’re proud to now have the ability to provide a scholarship to allow students to pay attention to their studies and career goals.

Students can make an application for our $2,000 scholarship that you can use towards tuition for his or her next semester at school. All sketches will be performed early August every year after submission deadlines have passed. All interested students is going to be needed to create a brief essay regarding their opinion about how Minecraft could be a positive influence inside their education and career development. Minecraft has been utilized in several areas of education and you want to understand how you think the game could be further employed to enhance learning and development. We are curious about hearing your ideas and encounters about how exactly this unique game that people love can be more than only a game.

Minecraft scholarship here at Apex

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Minecraft Lets Build! | Bullworth Academy (Bully Scholarship Edition Minecraft Build)


CrazyJoven: hi rhizio I making a minecraft server based on bully and was wondering if I could use your map to build and expand on it. your utube channel will be the first thing people see on the server

natedog101: i love bully and minecraft

Sublimenade: video deserves at least 800,000 veiws. Great job man

Sublimenade: No problem man, keep up the good work

Genoplays22 Games: Rhizio can you please put a download

Yuuka Kano: Like I said, good stuff :3

Yuuka Kano: +Rhizio I'm kinda scared now :o

Rhizio: Sleep is for the weak ;)

Pine Apple: Excited af for this. I loved skating around the campus on that game.

Rhizio: Mah dawg