Minecraft summer time camps for children & teens

Many iD Tech students are Big on Minecraft, making our Minecraft camps probably the most popular at esteemed campus locations nationwide.

but_findoutmoreAdventures in Game Design: Minecraft

iD Tech Camps Weeklong Ages 7-9 Beg – Adv

but_findoutmoreIntro to Java Coding: Modding With Minecraft & Forge

iD Tech Camps Weeklong Ages 10-12 Beg – Adv

but_findoutmore3D Game Design: Minecraft & MCEdit

iD Tech Camps Weeklong Ages 10-12 Beg – Adv

but_findoutmoreBrickBusters: Game Design With Minecraft for a long time 6-7

iD Tech Small Half Day, Weeklong Ages 6-7 Beg – Int

but_findoutmoreBrickBusters: Game Design With Minecraft for a long time 8-9

iD Tech Small Half Day, Weeklong Ages 8-9 Beg – Adv

About Minecraft

Minecraft, a “sandbox” game by Mojang according to foundations, has had the planet by storm among the best selling Computer games of time—over 100 million individuals have registered worldwide. Players traverse vast landscapes of mountain tops, forests, caves, as well as other water physiques. Their figures search, sail, and farm while constructing homes and objects by breaking and placing textured cubes inside a 3D world. The aim would be to survive, or just invent. Most anything imaginable can be carried out in Minecraft. It may be the epitome of creativity–limitless chance to construct, uncover, and problem-solve. Recently, the sport has acquired traction being an educational tool, acknowledged by many people being an important vehicle for engaging kids and teenagers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) fields for example programming, gaming design & development, level design, and much more.

How’s Minecraft Camp Diverse From Playing Minecraft in your own home?

Typically, kids and teenagers play Minecraft aware of virtually no direction or goals in your mind. At iD Tech, students approach game play from the new position, and therefore are empowered to uncover the actual mechanics from the game inside a collaborative atmosphere. Beginner to advanced students within our Minecraft summer time camps learn to think critically regarding their use the infinite options from the game. Students create styles, storylines, dialog between figures, objectives, goals, and much more, while more knowledgeable players delve much deeper into game design & development, modding, and level design. Learning happens in small clusters of just 8 students per instructor, allowing students to advance in their own pace.

Gaming Design Sources

Wish to pursue a job in gaming design and make awesome games like Minecraft? Browse the following sources and kick-start your trip for your dream job!


  • Click here to download 10 Steps to Being a Professional Indie Game Designer.
  • Click here to download 10 Steps to Being a Professional Game Designer.

Online Learning

  • Click here to view Minecraft tutorials at Tech Rocket, our year-round, online learning platform for everyone.


For those who have additional questions regarding our Minecraft camps, please give our Camp Specialists a call at 1-888-709-8324, or call us here.

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