Mineshafter that you can


You’ll need Java to experience Minecraft. Without having it, download it today.

When the files appear like a compressed archive (Zip/Rar) for you, or else you cannot open the file by double hitting it, first make sure you have Java installed. For those who have Java installed then use Jarfix to repair the file association.

Mineshafter Launcher

Login with whatever username or password you would like. Servers should request you to login again when you connect. Please be aware that you can’t connect with official servers by using this. Only open servers, or individuals using authentication plugins works.

When you get a corrupted jar error, try setting it up from one of these simple mirrors rather:

Torrent (your torrent client must support magnet links and DHT)

Note: If you notice the content "Error: Couldn’t find or load primary class info.mineshafter.GameStarter" adopt these measures.

  1. Open your .minecraft directory
  2. Copy the saves directory for your Desktop
  3. Delete the .minecraft directory
  4. Start the launcher
  5. When the .minecraft directory has re-made an appearance, put your supported saves directory back within it.

Resourse: https://mineshafter.info/

How to Download Mineshafter For Free 2016


Haoto Akiyama: What happens if I get a WinRAR File?\nEdit: Ah, it's ok. I've solved this problem long ago. All you have to do it change its file type to to Jar… something..

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