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TheNickFloShow: Almost at 1k subs!! Any ideas for a giveaway?!

TheNickFloShow: +Da'Shawn McLean Thanks man was excited to get a couple epics for sure!! And thank you for the ideas man I think I might just use that! I know I wanna make it a good giveaway as this will be my 3rd. #1kHYPE

Mathias Lonon: You could always drop some of those extra rare profession stuff. hammer of gond or whatnot. something orange, lol. maybe a rank 12 or two…bonding stones…awesome stuff

J_zuz_ 99: Thumbs up for a $100 giveaway at 1000 subs

TheNickFloShow: +J_zuz_ 99 Uhm…..maybe something more creative ;)

Jack Gummer: My girl got a legendary pack, 2 epic companion packs, an orcus wand, a wheel of elements and a new life companion pack in 42 boxes. Lost for words lol

TheNickFloShow: +Jack Gummer #STANDING OVATION!!!

JVCKPOT: I haven't gotten a pull in my last 900\nBoxes

TheNickFloShow: +JVCKPOT Like not even a epic? Either way if be pretty pissed if no legendary in 900 boxes

Terry: do u play on the ps4. im looking for a guild that can help/teach me to play better. im lvl 50 but all ive done is missions and never loot more than blue and I dont to upgrade kit or anything. can any one help.