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Neverwinter nights community site (nwn) People from the Neverwinter Nights

The Neverwinter Nights Community Website is the unofficial homepage for that Neverwinter Nights game. Produced for that NWN gaming community, it is stuffed with helpful understanding and sources collected from nearly 14 many years of players’ and builders’ encounters.

Prospective Players:

You are able to download farmville for just $9.99 at, that is an amazing value. You receive the entire game, plus both expansions, along with a premium module, plus use of all of the free community-made content (multiple online worlds, countless single-player modules (adventures), additional game-enhancing content, and much more), accumulated to a large number of hrs price of gaming entertainment.

Following the initial purchase, Neverwinter Nights is free of charge to experience…permanently. There aren’t any dues, no charges for being able to access the very best content, with no costs to get the most from the sport (advance so far as you are able to on any server or perhaps in any adventure).

Important News:

GameSpy has stopped supporting your opportunity of multi-player NWN servers. When connecting for an internet game, their email list of servers is going to be blank. You may still make use of the "history" tab for enjoying on servers you’ve formerly logged into, and you may still direct connect for those who have a server’s Ip.

People from the Neverwinter Nights community will work on a way to switch the in-client server listings.

One presently working fix is NWNCX version .2.9 and then (for Home windows). The fastest method of getting listed through to a web server admin to create a switch to the hosts file in order to make use of the serverlist NWNX2 wordpress plugin.

What’s Neverwinter Nights?

Neverwinter Nights (NWN) is both just one player along with a multi-player Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game (RPG). It is definitely the nearest factor there’s to some true D&D game on the pc.

Like a player, you’ll be able to choose what abilities and skills you’ll develop while you voyage although the complex and harmful fantasy realm of Forgotten Realms. Be considered a deadly and harmful rogue moving with the shadows using stealth and secrecy, be considered a scholarly wizard and wield effective magic upon your opponents, be considered a hulking barbarian whose lust for fight is matched only by his terrible rage, be an armor-clad paladin who protects the innocent and vanquishes his enemies, be considered a crusading cleric who heals the sick and defends the helplessbe all of this and much more.

Neverwinter Nights enables you to definitely make your own worlds. This revolutionary game comes with the tools required to make your own unique lands of chance. The Neverwinter Nights Aurora Toolset enables even novice users to create from a basic, misty forest, to some dripping cavern of foul evil, to some king’s court. All of the monsters, products, set pieces and settings exist for world builders to make use of. But don’t hold on there construct traps, encounters, custom monsters, and magic products to create your adventure unique. Numerous new inclusions in the sport, produced through the NWN community, can also be found to increase your adventures.

Multi-player Neverwinter Nights

With almost any kind of web connection (yes, even dial-up), Neverwinter Nights could be performed online with as many as 64 buddies or any other people, all discussing within the adventure.

Neverwinter nights community site (nwn) servers is going to beYou are able to organize and run your personal adventures with the role from the Dungeon Master and control all of the monsters, creatures and figures your buddies meet because they journey on their own quest. A effective software program that’s incorporated with Neverwinter Nights, the DM Client, enables nearly limitless control for running your personal adventures for the buddies.

There’s also many online gameworlds (known as persistent worlds, or PWs) that you should explore, produced by new and experienced module builders. A number of these multi-player servers can be found 24 hrs each day for anybody to sign in to and start playing. You will find servers open to fit practically any kind of gamer, from always-in-character roleplaying games to upright hack and slash action styles, from printed world based locations (like the Forgotten Realms, Ravenloft, as well as Lord from the Rings) to totally original worlds produced by players, from magical fantasy worlds to modern and sci-fi based settings.

Single Player Neverwinter Nights

Neverwinter Nights is another single player game, that you can use to experience both formally printed and community-made adventures (known as modules).

Neverwinter Nights (original campaign) – Set around the Forgotten Realms town of Neverwinter, this adventure has got the Player Character (PC) presuming the function of the ambitious hero. The town of Neverwinter is struggling with an enchanting plague known as the Wailing Dying, that is killing its citizens. The hero must both look for a cure, and uncover the origin from the disease.

Shadows of Undrentide – Within this adventure, the hero undertakes a search to Netherese ruins within the harmful Anauroch Desert, seeking with an ancient relic identified. Someone, or something like that, else wants the relic to have an unknown purpose.

Hordes from the Underdark – Underneath the great town of Waterdeep may be the labyrinth referred to as Undermountain. Soon after the hero comes to the town, trouble starts to well up out of this subterranean place, pressed by denizens from the Underdark. This adventure leads into epic level (20+) development.

Community Made Adventures – Since the game is amazingly available to personalization because of the simple to use toolset and community invovlement, you will find a large number of free single player modules readily available for download, many rivaling and surpassing the caliber of the formally released campaigns. Many of these obtainable in the Neverwinter Vault site.

Neverwinter Nights…endless adventure!


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