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Tomb of Annihilation is Live!

Greetings, adventurers!

Beginning to obtain wanderlust after making safe the roads of Neverwinter? Yeah, us too. Fortunately in Neverwinter, there’s always adventure found!

Tomb of Annihilation begins with Sergeant Knox suggesting that you consider an awful dying curse afflicting people across Faerûn. You start your analysis in Helm’s Hold, where lots of victims from the sickness have collected for treatment. While you find clues, you’re offered to setup an expedition, funded with a secret patron towards the Jungles of Chult wishing to locate a cure. Helped by Tristopher Chettelbel you secure supplies along with a ship, in addition to advertise (LFP) that you’ll require adventurers. Some happily volunteer, such as the famous Volothamp Geddarm, wanting to gather more material for his books. Many are volunteered to represent Neverwinter, while some “jump” in the chance at adventure!

Following a lengthy and harrowing journey to Chult, you get to Port Nyanzaru, a very beautiful new hub for endgame players. The majority of the conveniences are available in Port Nyanzaru, plus some found nowhere else. Combined with the new story quest line chasing lower the reason for the dying curse, you are able to Join Volo’s monster search with a brand new “Hunter’s Mark” game. Treasures abound within the ruins from the jungle, or perhaps in pirate lairs, for individuals who are able to obtain access to treasure maps. To top everything off, there exists a new campaign with new gear!

Some Travel Tips:

– The jungles of Chult are deadly. We’ve stated this before, but I will stress it here: get together. The creatures of Chult certainly do when they’re hunting you…
– Once you’ve unlocked the strategies of the dying curse, a brand new dungeon, Tomb from the Nine Gods is able to explore.
– Have your khyek from Ocean of Moving Ice? Give it a try around the Soshenstar River!
– Repeatable Adventure Quests are an easy way to obtain treasure maps.
– The King of Spines is known as that for any reason.
– Anything you do, don’t snicker at Nanny Pu’pu’s name.
– Searching and exploring will show up awesome stuff.
– Sun block. Seriously.

Allow me to placed on my dev hat for any bit. Whenever we started to operate on River District this past year, our art team also began focusing on assets to construct Chult. In those days we’d one “jungle” searching plant. It’s been lots of work, and i’m super happy with they in not just what we’ve achieved however the daily excitement level to demonstrate each step.

Our goal with Chult was to produce a really new spot to explore. It’s been an excellent adventure creating this module so we expect for you discussing your adventuring tales with us… in the event you survive…

Thomas Foss

For more information on all of the additional features and the introduction of Tomb of Annihilation, browse the Dev Blog Hub!


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