Download road to exile: the awakening (2.2.1c) for pc – free

Download road to exile: the awakening (2.2.1c) for pc - free role-playing game

Road to Exile: The Awakening is definitely an online role-playing game set in the realm of fantasy of Wraeclast, free of charge, filled with great battles, missions and finish and totally customizable figures. The dark settings, filled with ancient mysteries and dwelled by horrible creatures will captivate the gamer.

Options that come with Road to Exile

  • Six figures to select from: Templar, Marauder, Duelist, Ranger, Shadow, Witch and Scion. Each class offers us improvements and personalization options.
  • Each character combines the 3 primary attributes in various proportions: Strength, Intelligence and talent.
  • The sport offers two fixed leagues, the conventional one where the figures can die, and also the Hardcore one, that you can’t die in order to save how well you’re progressing.
  • Road to Exile does not work by way of gold or coins, it uses orbs and scrolls to trade objects.
  • Includes a variety of weapons, suits of armor, gems and jewels essential to enhance the character’s skills.

Move about Wraeclast attacking your opponents, defend yourself and invoke elements by evolving your character in Road to Exile: The Awakening.


A NEW CHALLENGER | Ep. 1 | Path of Exile: The Awakening – Closed Beta


4tech69: Never thought I would see this on your channel. Very cool.

Makro: I actually loved Diablo 3 and never got into PoE.

RMJ1984: As much as i love Diablo 3. Path of exile just blows Diablo 3 out of the water in replayability, complexity, depth and fun.

SirPoops Alot: PoE is not a beta for me

Daniel Budney: You mention "no reason" not to wear the shield, but it does come with a trade-off: a shield reduces your movement speed, and a bigger shield reduces your movement speed by more. This also applies to armor: heavy armor reduces your movement speed.

UberBaal: 21:37 ohhhhh no he didn't!

Amoeba: Oh snaps and dang, PoE. This should be sweet.

Esty6: Wish I liked these types of games, but the whole 'click click click click click CLICK CLICK CLICK… Cool, a purple drop! click click click click click' got old after the first time.

TheBreadbird: Are you sure about this? there are going to be a lot of resets

SangoProductions213: No, they haven't significantly changed the map layouts in a year or 2. You are just associating a single direction with the map objectives which isn't how they are layed out. they are done so relative to other objects.