Dynamite® road to exile vol. 1: origins trade paperback

Dynamite® road to exile vol. 1: origins trade paperback the Wholesomeness Rebellion
SKU: C1606906615
Rating: Teen +
Cover: Carlos Rodriguez
Author: Edwin McRae, Royal McGraw
Art: Carlos Rodriguez
Publication Date: June 2015
Format: Softcover
Page Count: 104 Pages
ON Purchase DATE: 6/10
You’ve performed the award-winning, free-to-play roleplaying game, Road to Exile. Now learn how the nightmare started through Victario’s eyes within the graphic novel that can serve as prequel towards the action-packed game!
Prior to the Cataclysm, prior to the first exile set feet upon the corrupted shores of Wraeclast… there was the Eternal Empire. There raged the Wholesomeness Rebellion. There was Victario Nevalius, the People’s Poet. Finding themself one of the terrifying Karui, Victario negotiates an alliance using their king, Kaom, to oppose the tyranny of Eternal Emperor Chitus. Can Victario swell the Wholesomeness Rebellion’s ranks using the finest players within the empire? Can King Kaom defeat the best archer within the empire, Marceus Lioneye? How can Victario survive to pen the storyplot? And just how performs this far-flung rebellion connect with the apocalyptic visions that plague Victario’s every waking hour?
ISBN-13: 978-1-60690-661-3

Dynamite® road to exile vol. 1: origins trade paperback 104 Pages       ONResourse: https://dynamite.com/htmlfiles/
Dynamite® road to exile vol. 1: origins trade paperback visions that

The Origin of Negan (The Walking Dead: Negan's Origin Vol 1)


Carlos Jones: I would've loved for Shane to be around when they met negan

Arthur Fawkes: +Sev3617 Mmm yeah, If things went the way like it did with The Governor and Lori and her newborn daughter ending up dead, Shane would've probably lost his mind again and blames Rick.

Rylan Kilmer: Arthur Fawkes or the governor and negan had fought instead of Rick and the governor that would have been cool Rick taking sides with the governor instead of wanting to kill each other

Rockstar Lew: Rob will you put a walking dead comic playlist on your channel

OGgieBOOgy: make it bigger!!!!!! thank you!!!! 4real

Jarius Curry: OGgieBOOgy \n\nq

CreeperBot23 MC Sci-Fi Builds: I'd love for this to be a flashback episode.

Arsenij Siniov: Bill Proud a


dmaster2: There should be a CE drinking game. Like take a drink every time Rob says amazing, laughs, explains what a retcon is, etc…