Gamasutra – press announcements – road to exile: nov oriath launches on pc

Gamasutra - press announcements - road to exile: nov oriath launches on pc Nov Oriath is totally liberated
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Auckland, Nz – August 4, 2017

Grinding Gear Games has announced today that it is

long awaited massive expansion, Road to Exile: Nov

Oriath, has formally launched for PC following a very effective

beta. Players thinking about joining can turn to: to register.

Road to Exile: Nov Oriath is totally liberated to play -but

never "pay to win."

"We asked our community to experience the Beta for Nov

Oriath and received plenty of valuable feedback, stated Chris Wilson,

md of Grinding Gear Games. "Systems like the

Pantheon Forces, balance of Power and Craze Charges and monster

variety within the new content happen to be directly improved consequently

from the communication between our community and also the developers

throughout the Beta. We are very pleased with the way the Beta went and

are excited to spread out up Nov Oriath to some broad number of

players upon release!"

Road to Exile: Nov Oriath is Grinding Gear’s largest

launch of recent content because the original game debuted in October

2013. The sport features six completely new functions – doubling how big

current game. Nov Oriath also introduces a brand new Pantheon

character-personalization system that lets players wield the strength of

the gods themselves.

Road to Exile: Nov Oriath Features:

  • Act 5: Nov Oriath: Go back to Oriath.

    The place to find the oppressive templar theorcracy. Explore frozen

    mountaintops, pristine temples and anarchic city roads. Leave a

    trail of furious destruction while you seek vengeance for the


  • Just One Playthrough, An Entire Story: The

    previous difficulty level system continues to be removed to create room for

    another five completely new functions, getting towards the total to 10. During these

    five functions, you’ll weave through both new and familiar locations

    and witness the drastic outcomes of your past actions.

  • Claim the strength of the Gods: Road to Exile’s

    new pantheon system gives you potent forces obtained from the

    gods themselves. But beware, the gods will not go lower with no


  • New Methods to Play: With a large number of new products,

    additional skills, new locations, new boss fights and much more, Road to Exile:

    Nov Oriath could keep the most die-hard fans busy for

    many several weeks in the future.


Road to Exile: Nov Oriath Xbox One Beta keys continue to be

readily available for your preview and streaming. Email to get one (or even more) or get

them at Keymailer:

Road to Exile: Nov Oriath

Xbox One Beta Key

About Road to Exile

Road to Exile is definitely an online Action RPG set at nighttime fantasy

realm of Wraeclast. It’s designed around a powerful online item

economy, deep character personalization and limitless replayability.

Road to Exile is totally free and doesn’t sell products or

consumables that offer competitive edge on other


Road to Exile Key Features Include:

  • Download and play free of charge, but never pay-to-win
  • A dark and deep action RPG
  • Limitless character combinations using the game’s gigantic skill


  • Combine skill gems to produce unique combat strategies
  • Explore a dark and gritty world made from the fixed 3D


  • Explore at random generated levels for pretty much infinite


  • Craft weapons, magic products as well as finish-game maps to get

    more effective

  • Cooperate or contend with a large number of other Exiles inside a

    persistent internet

  • Ascend online ladders in each and every game mode

Road to Exile was initially released in October 2013 to

critical acclaim including winning GameSpot’s PC Game of the season

award. Since its launch, Road to Exile has gotten extensive

updates (including five large expansions) and it has grown its

worldwide community to in excess of 16 million players. Localized versions

can be found in Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Russian, Thai

and Brazilian Portuguese. Later in 2017, Road to Exile will launch

in China along with Tencent.


Thoughts on the 11 New Support Gems – Path of Exile Fall of Oriath Beta


Dobromir Ivanov: Assassin + Lesser Poison + Brutality + Maim + Chance to Bleed + Alignments support gem and perfect agony and you go Crit with anything and you have close to 100% Poison, Bleed, Maim chance, uber much multipliers and many other xD

Nazagi Pham: why not starforge then?

Albert Wen: Those should work. All conditional modifiers are global.\n\nEdit: I'm totally wrong, those aren't conditional modifiers.

MrAdravix: meme support will be best

Paulo Lima: Keep with the good work Yoji. And more podcasts plz!!

Dude: immolate incinerate anyone?

svnhddbst: i made a made a build in path of building with martyr of innocence ((130-150) – (200-250) fire to spells) with immolate, got something in the range of 300k dps without gmp.

Dude: sounds nice :)

Kasper Vestergård Sørensen: KAVSENS UNITE FeelsAmazingMan

bonage045: Funny enough, depending on how that flat phys damage with weapons scales, chance to bleed could be pretty good for a doomfletch prism build. Sadly it won't work with facebreakers, else it would be insane for facebreaker builds.