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Path of Exile: The Fall of Oriath – Official Trailer


Dekree18: Wait ggg getting rid of cruel AND Merciless difficulty? so acts 567 are cruel and acts 89 10 will be Merciless. sounds great

Dekree18: Retnella Hunter where did you get sarcasm

InkOnTube: They felt that many players loose their interest in playing the game after beating the game on Normal (as they got bored of being repetitive). So GGG decided to make a single playtrough with increasing difficulty in each act. I thin it is good for the game that they do trough new acts instead of repeating the old ones.

Egor: Rip Diablo3…..

Sarah: Ghost Its already dead.

Purroth The Almighty Felyne Warrior: My dick is hard

Jabba Yo: Holy shit! Leveling will maybe actually be fun this time! :D

Fishsauceee plays: Jabba Yo its still is fun :)

Jabba Yo: Nico Ligayo I just meant more variation. Having to repeat the same acts over and over is not fun (until maps, i play hc only btw).

Sevileray: 1:191:22 Skeleton Wheel from dark souls.